Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ed Ted's treatment - latest developments

Not too much to report on Ed Ted's treatment today, except to tell everyone that his pattern pieces have survived the washing process, they have all been ironed and I am now in the process of pinning the individual bits onto the calico sheet backing so that I can start the appliqueing process.  I tell you - he's a different colour  now, so it's just as well we did not progress with the potential purchase via FatPumpkinBear - because despite all the choices Karen offered, none of them now match Ed Ted's current appearance!

I do have a tendency to move headlong at things - bull in a china-shop fashion.  One of my many failings.  Many mistakes have occurred in the past, not only with crafts, but in other parts of my life.  Seemingly, I never learn!

Incidentally, there has been a further development in the supplier field for the Cuddlies.  After deciding not to proceed with FatPumpkinBear, I decided to check one or two other UK suppliers I had been recommended to contact.  The search may have ended with my finding a definite possibility which is located about twenty-five miles down the road from where Coldham Cuddlies are located here in Heytesbury.  Now seems to me that it might make much more sense  for us to check out this new connection.   Prices are very competitive, and 25 miles down the road is a lot closer than having to deal with the intracies of international mail services, not to mention the distances caused by the Atlantic Ocean and a lot of the USA as well! The new outfit invited me to send them a sample (half of one of Ed Ted's ears is already in the post!) and a search for a "perfect" match will then ensue.  Obviously, given Ed Ted's age, a perfect match is unlikely, but it would be nice to get as close a one as possible.

Another thing happened this week - the new business cards I ordered a couple of weeks' ago are on their way.  That is really going to help me promote Coldham Cuddlies locally.  Have got the contact details of  the  new gallery in Warminster, and once the cards arrive, the next step is to make an appointment and go meet the proprietor of The Footprint Gallery to see if we have any common ground.  Think the time has arrived for me to also spread the word myself, rather than relying solely on word of mouth - however good that is.

Cy Bear and I will be keeping you in touch as things progress, but now I'm going to get on with the pinning and stitching Ed Ted now requires for the next stage of his treatment.

Will be back soon.   Isobel