Friday, 3 August 2012

Another New Friend - and a potential new Branch of the Cuddlies Family.

There are two more Friends who have joined us recently, one of which needs to be re-stuffed and then a new Forever Home found for him - his name is Blue Teddy.


He too belonged to Alan,  (Isobel's son-in-law) but when he arrived, Alan considered himself too grown up for Bears (as boys sometimes do!) and was not sure about his colour scheme.  He was thus hardly, if ever, played with - and actually looks like new.  In addition, when held,  he's not a very cuddlesome armful either - he wriggles - and bears should not be like that.  And, thinking about it, I'm not too sure that a pink ribbon actually does him any favours.

 So, Isobel is going to re-stuff him, as she believes he has polystyrene balls as stuffing at the moment, and she is not keen on them.  In her view, they are an inflammable hazard and not as soft as a cuddly Bear should be.    Thinking about it, he looks a little like Golden Teddy to me - wonder what you folks think?

When Isobel has given him new innards, I'm sure we'll be able to find him a Forever Home where someone will welcome him with open arms.  I'm absolutely sure he will find a Forever Friend - particularly as Isobel is thinking of giving him as a Raffle Prize to the Journalists' Charity of which dear Peter used to be a life member.  His colour is not as unusual as it might have been when Blue Teddy first appeared on the scene, and cannot really be considered a true Coldham Cuddly - as we cannot be sure that he was truly hand-made, even though Isobel will be re-stuffing him. She'll also be giving him a new ribbon - or, maybe, not!  Bears don't really need ribbons, do they?

Finally, and by no means the least of my new Friends, please meet The Black Gorilla.


He is already a finished piece of work - and is actually a Golf Club head cover and the story of his arrival in our family goes like this.  While staying with daughter Clare recently - before she broke her leg - Isobel was shown a Tiger Golf Club head cover - and it was suggested that if she could make a similar product, this could prove to be a productive new line of toys for inclusion in our shop at  Having closely examined the Tiger Head, Isobel excitedly agreed, so when she got back to Heytesbury, after Peter's funeral,  she checked on the internet to find one she could examine and copy for future use. (The Tiger Head was needed by the Golfing Lady who showed it to Isobel). She then discovered Black Gorilla (BG for short) for sale.  She was successful in her bid, and he arrived the same day she returned to Nottinghamshire to look after Clare.

Those of you who follow that game called Golf, or those who participate in this form of exercise, may well be familiar with these animals that cover  golf clubs.  They can be seen being carried around by the Caddies that accompany the players in various championships. While watching the recent British Open Golf Championship on the television,  Isobel witnessed a Tiger Head in the golf bag owned by  Mr. Tiger Woods - appropriate, don't you think?)  as well as Bear Heads and other toys in other players' golf bags.  Why he was for sale is not clear, but Isobel feels it is because  BG  took up too much space in a player's golf bag.  But how he is made can now be carefully inspected, when Isobel takes him apart.  She is particularly interested in how the black knitted handle cover actually fits onto BG's  body.  Then she will take the consitituent parts, create a template and then make Club Head Covers using all the other Toys' heads already at our disposal.  Golf is a popular pastime in this part of the world, if not nationwide - and even worldwide come to that - so that's why we believe they will become a worthwhile new branch of the Cuddlies Family. 

We wonder what our Followers think - and do they know of anyone who would like to have one as a Christmas present, maybe?

What will become of BG once Isobel has found how he's made?  Well, the plan is that he will be sewn up again, stuffed and become a proper Cuddly Toy - looking at him, he's about the same size as one of our Panda Bears.  He cannot really be considered a full member of the Cuddlies Family, as he has not been hand made, but I'm going to suggest he be treated as an Associate Cuddly and be given the same opportunity to find a Forever Friend as the rest of us are by being offered for sale not in our shop at, because he won't be handmade.  But he could come with us to local Bazaars and/or Craft Sales we attend and someone might like to give him a home.  He looks a friendly chap, doesn't he?

With that thought, I'll close for now.  Think I'd better stop posting so that Isobel can take over once more!  Meanwhile, thanks for being with us again, and here's to the next time we get together!  Cy Bear.