Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Post while waiting to complete Ed Ted

I'm just interrupting Cy Bear's commentary on the treatment of Ed Ted to bring you some news on various developments vis-a-vis the ColdhamCuddlies shop (  These last few days has seen a terrific explosion in Twitter activity on my behalf (if that is the right description of what happens on Twitter) and I am getting lots of new followers, to which I have responded positively.  Wish I could pin-point the cause of this rush of activity - because I could then continue repeating it!

There have also been some of a more "questionable" variety to whom I have responded negatively - by deleting them without any hesitation. Some seem to share several Followers in common, and it was only after I had gaily followed the initial sites that these unacceptable advances were received.  I've also "Unfollowed" those sites, even though they apparently had lots of followers of their own.   It would seem that a user name  with "Cuddlies" in the title can attract responses of the wrong kind - although, to begin with, I did have a wry smile on my face when I first saw them.  At 70+, I really do not think plush soft toys and suggestively posed profile pics and descriptions really gel - although I suppose, when the approach is made by young men, it could be taken as a compliment?  I choose not to!  As it is, Coldham Cuddlies has been a registered UK  business name in connection with making soft toys since 1971, which is long before the Internet, Facebook and/or Twitter were as widespread as they are now.

It's also very gratifying to tell you lovely readers (followers of this blog, especially) that Coldham Cuddlies in general and ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic are being featured in at least three different blogs in the near future.  The first one to be published has been set for Monday, July 25 and is the result of an interview by Screaming Sardine.  I'm unsure as to how it happened, but I find that her blog is one that I read - chosen in the first place, if I recall correctly, because the user name caught my attention - but I actually answered a Twitter invitation by Screaming Sardine who was offering to feature anyone who wanted some promotion.

She "followed" me, I responded and "followed" her and fell in love with a picture of her two dogs, Tessa (whom she describes as a "Mutt") and Sage, a Belgian Malinois when I suggested she might like to interview me.   Have to say that  my favoured description of "woofers" of  mixed parentage  is a Heinz Hound which  is so much more respectful,  don't you think?  There is also the option of a "Saturday Night Special", too!  Screaming Sardine reserves her Monday posts for outside interviews, so....look out for her take on me,  the Coldham Cuddlies  and our shop ( - MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011.

Then last week, when surfing the various Etsy team forums, I saw an invitation to be featured from Stitchsilly,  the user name for Andrea on Etsy, who is in the process of re-starting her blog.  I posted my contact details, and today, she sent me her questions.  These have been completed and sent back for her consideration - and we await details of when her blog will contain the interview.

For a few weeks now - at least since we've been featuring Ed Ted's treatment story - I've also been corresponding via Etsy convos with, and reading blogs by Annie of EmptyontheInside a fairly new member of the Etsy family with a new blog to accompany her arrival on the handmade scene.  Our conversations began when I noticed she was a Coyote fan (in real life) as opposed to the Coldham varieties (Lt. Brown Charlie Coyote - Etsy Listing #67039032 and Chuck the Coyote - Etsy Listing #61408931).  As her blog was so new, we agreed it might be fun if she quoted from the various postings about Ed Ted and his treatment over a period of several weeks.  Thought this was a great idea - serialising works well for both of us.  Ed Ted's treatment (and therefore the proposed ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic) can only benefit for such long-term exposure and Annie and  EmptyontheInside will have subject matter for several weeks' posts on her blog.

Can also announce that the new sales site at Groove Press is now up and running:  the new URL is www.Coldham and we've linked this up with Facebook and Twitter  as well.  Have not checked to see what if any action has taken place here, but I got confirmation that we are "good to go" from Groove Press this morning.

Finally, think there may be some departures shortly from the shop site - in the form of three of the Baby Bunnies being ordered.  One is definitely the Little White Baby Rabbit:  I'm waiting to hear which of the other varieties are required.  Once the order is confirmed, will provide listing details and the buyer's name.  Until then, we'll keep it under wraps.  All in all though, definitely a few days of PROGRESS!

So, while we wait for the missing washer for Ed Ted's head, he's got all his limbs on his body, he has brown pads on his feet and will have them on his arms once the head is on and he is stuffed.  The position of the pads could be affected once the stuffing is in place, so I've decided to wait before adding those important pieces.  Susan of Bear Basics was unable to provide me with all the washers I needed because they now are not sold separately - but come in sets of three in packets of 10 at a time.  She was prepared to let me have a single one to complete Ed Ted - although, with the proviso that the one she is proposing to send me may not fit!  Different manufacturers (in China, in the main) produce different models.  Fingers crossed, please, that it will.  Otherwise, I'm going to either have to sew his head in place - really the last resort, as he did arrive with a movable head:  or I'll have to see if I can put two smaller ones in the neck seam and hope that they allow the head to swivvle and not compete with each other!  Will keep you informed - tomorrow or the next day!

Until the next post, then......Isobel