Saturday, 10 December 2011

Happy Endings: new beginnings

Hello there - expect my regular Followers/Readers have decided that Cy Bear and I have just about given up blogging.  Not true, but since the computer went off for it's MOT (UK Ministry of Transport shortform - relating to vehicles over 3 years old) and used by everyone when check-ups (whether vehicular or human) are in the offing), and Peter and I returned from a brief visit to Philippa, accompanied by the rejuvenated Tommy Teddy, I just don't seem to have had the required time to compose a post.

The next couple of weeks prior to Christmas don't seem to be much better, but I do have a spare moment tonight, so am getting down to it again.  I have some happy endings to report.  Noel, the Xmas Rabbit - last mentioned as being somewhere between UK and Richmond, British Columbia has reached his Forever Home and seem to be settling in  remarkably well! Here is a picture of him, together with part of the message from his new Best Friend, Lyrawing (a.k.a. CK,):

"Hi Isobel,

Noel has arrived! He is so adorable and even cuter than the photos..... I've attached some photos of him with some very early Christmas cookies."

This is the best of the three pics Lyrawing sent
Then, after we returned from our trip away, I received the news that the Saudi Baby Bunnies had been gleefully received by their intended Best Friend, so that's another Cuddlies' story satisfactorily completed.

Then, finally, as I mentioned earlier, Tommy Teddy is now back home surrounded by his friends in the Morrell Bear Family.   Daughter, Philippa, was delighted to have him back, quickly got used to his new appearance, and as far as I know, Tommy Teddy's chums are also happy with both aspects too.

Rusty is the Big Fellow:  Teddy (L) and Sleep Teddy (R)
Rusty is indeed a Giant - he's in need of some refurbishment too, and is due to accompany Philippa here for his treatment, when she comes to see us at Christmas, so he will be registered as the latest member of the Soft Toy Clinic.  Just to give you some idea of his dimensions:  if he stands beside me (and I'm about 5ft      7 inches in stocking feet), he comes up to my armpit!  Philippa is threatening to have him sit beside her as she drives him down from High Wycombe to Heytesbury!  It should be interesting to compare the reaction of British drivers with those in Edmonton, Canada in the mid-1980's, when I drove him home one Christmas time, as he sat beside me in the front of our car, after winning him in a raffle!  He made an unexpected present and addition to the toy family that year!  Until then, I'd really not been that successful in raffle and other such competitions:  since his arrival, I have had the odd success, every now and again.  Not regularly, but enough to keep one carrying on trying!  More Anon about Tommy Teddy & Co.

Earlier today, I had a successful couple of hours selling 7 Cuddlies while participating in the Christmas Fete held today in the Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul. HeytesburyTwo Koalas, Four Baby Rabbits and the Rabbit Glove Puppet are on their way to their new Forever Homes - all destined as Christmas presents for some little folk.

On that happy note, I'll end this post - and get down to drafting our annual Christmas letter to our friends so that I can get the cards all sent out.  Regret that I shall not be sending them to you all - my lovely Followers - this year, but I'm taking this opportunity to wish you all a truly Blessed Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year (before I forget to do so in the hustle and bustle we face in the next couple of weeks!)  The Festive Season has caught up with me this year - normally, I'm much better organised!  Must be the blogging and toy-making taking up more of my time than of yore.

Bye for now.  Isobel