Tuesday, 10 May 2011

ColdhamCuddliescalling: Just looking in......

ColdhamCuddliescalling: Just looking in......: "No time for blogging for a few days - working on a new version of Brown Hairy Bear (heard today that there might be an order for him in a da..."

Just looking in......

No time for blogging for a few days - working on a new version of Brown Hairy Bear (heard today that there might be an order for him in a day or two:  a gratifying surprise), getting ready to entertain friends from the village to lunch and still trying to get the details of blogging properly sorted.  Cannot seem to get the hang of moving from this site to other blogs and back again - but will persevere and hopefully, soon, the penny will drop.

At the suggestion of son-in-law Alan, moved my browser to Google Chrome, because he said the whole thing was less cluttered.  Problem is, have got used to clutter when surfing etc, so have returned to Mozilla Firefox, because for some reason or another, my dealings with Etsy started to fail.  So, with the prospect of an order in the offing, have moved back almost to the previous settings.  That's my problem, I have a little knowledge:  and there is an old "saying" that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  In my case, it sure can be.  I click on invitations to do this and that, and find myself in a whole new world - which may (and in many cases is not) be what I'm trying to achieve!

Have today also managed to link my Windows Live site to RSS Atom feeds, which I've noticed a lot of folks have on their blogsites, so must be something I should be involved with, and while I'm inputting here I notice on the computer's edge something about "transferring data from ssl.gstatic.com" - now, I'm finding that anything with a "g" in front of it usually has a Google connection, and as this blog also has one, hopefully, that too will end up positively affecting my future activities.

Mulberry trees have been mentioned in earlier posts.  This is the oldest one, which might be almost 400 years old
So, rather than ramble on any more, thought I'd end up with a picture showing a view of part of the garden here at The Hospital of St. John - where Peter and I live - and within which most of the current photographs of the ColdhamCuddlies (http://www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com.)  have been taken.  The buildings in the background consist of the Residents' Hall (where jollies take place) and some of the flat (apartments).  We live on the top floor of another wing, built at the same times as these were - 1972 (and they are referred to as "the New Building"!  When other parts of the complex were existing since 1672, I suppose they can be!!

Hope to be back again with, or without, Cy Bear, soon.