Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Updating with latest developments.

Greetings to everyone.  It is a day or two since I posted anything here, and I think a short update on background developments is needed.

Tommy Teddy and Brr Bear's treatment is temporarily on hold - because Bear Basics, my bear product supplier, would seem to be on holiday.  Have yet to receive a reply to the letter in which I enclosed relevant ears and paw pad (latter for Tommy Teddy) and asking for prices for growlers.  This latter requirement is for Brr Bear, and will be a first for me.

Am lucky, because when I first began the handmade toy lark early in 2010, I had another bear supplies source and they were kind enough to send me a booklet they produced which gave me step-by-step instructions in all such mysteries of the bear fabrication business.  So while equipped to provide the service, I have only just been requested to perform the procedure.  While slightly frustrated at the lack of response from Bear Basics, I have to remember it is still August, the middle of the summer holiday season, and I know Susan has children - so she's probably away from base.  It is only two weeks since I requested the information on fabric matches, etc. so I shall have to be patient.  Does'nt the time go slowly, when one wants to get on with a project and gets held up by matters outside one's own control?

Fortunately, I've been busy completing the toys for New South Wales and Saudi Arabia, which have been mentioned in recent posts.  Cy Bear and I wait to hear of their safe arrival at their respective destinations - probably at the beginning of next week.

Having introduced Golden Teddy to the ColdhamCuddlies (www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com)  world, I am pleased to report that daugther P, owner of Tommy Teddy agrees with me that the former is a pretty good match (in shape) for Tommy Teddy and is more than happy for me to model her re-created bear using his features.  That is a relief - so the next step in the Soft Toy Clinic (www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com/Listing #79124185) will be for me to trace Golden Teddy's seams and use them to create templates for me to cut out the new Tommy Teddy - as and when the fabric makes its appearance.

I propose to attempt to achieve this by taking a piece of the chemical free tissue paper in which all the Cuddlies are wrapped when they are prepared for journeys to their new homes.  Using a felt-tipped pen, I think I should be able to trace Golden Teddy's seams, and then I hope to be able to transfer them to the cardboard sheets I have in hand for just such purposes.  Hope to begin that work tomorrow - once we've returned from a routine visit to Salisbury District Hospital for Peter.  Please keep your fingers crossed for success in this venture - it's infinitely preferably to trying to re-make Tommy Teddy as he is now - as I'll show when I take the necessary photos!

Last night I prepared a poster for use at the Hospital of St John's produce sale this Saturday.

 The poster consists of three pictures of Ed Ted when he first arrived at the Soft Toy Clinic in July beside Ed Ted himself, who will be accompanying me to the event - must say the contrast is pretty impressive, even though it's me who says it!!
Ed Ted and Cy Bear together taking the sun

I'm only taking the smaller toys and Cy Bear for this junket - which is going to be a dress-rehearsal for the MacMillan Biggest Coffee Morning on September 30.  I'm very excited about the latter exhibition - because it's the sort of opportunity for which one has to be invited to attend. None of this going and asking if one can exhibit!  Feel it's an indication, however slight,  that the word is beginning to get out that ColdhamCuddlies (www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com) is in existence.

Obviously, I'll keep everyone posted as to the results - if any.  The arrangement for both upcoming dates is that 10% of any sales will be donated to the specific fund-raising projects involved:  in the case of this Saturday, it will be for the upkeep of  the Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul in Heytesbury, while it will be MacMillan Cancer charity will get their share (hopefully) and I'll be taking some of the bigger toys with me on that occasion, as well as the little ones.

Am also delighted to report that as of today, the blog now has 24 followers.  Just one more, and I may be persuaded to join another Etsy team which concentrates on helping blogger-beginners like me to make even more of an impact than I feel I'm slowly starting to achieve.  Annie of Emptyontheinside (we've developed a great blogging and correspondence relationship, which I'm enjoying immensely) is a member of this team and is urging my participation.  Depending on how the two outings turn out, I may well follow her advice.  Thanks to everyone who has followed me to date:  here's to many more, I sincerely hope.

All the best.  Isobel