Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ed Ted latest - nearly there!

Hello there everyone - this is Cy Bear back to bring you the last two posts about the rejuvenation of Ed Ted Bear.  Isobel and I are sorry that it's taking so long, but the problem caused by the "missing link" (a.k.a the missing washer to join his head to his body) took longer to solve than we both expected.  However, finally, we got it and Isobel managed to fix his body on. That was a bit more difficult than expected  as he's got such a lot of fur - not to mention his original body layers - that Isobel's arthritic fingers found it quite difficult to manipulate the joint pieces in place.

This is how Ed Ted has been looking since the beginning of the week with all his legs fitted on to his body, and the head waiting for the missing washer.

On Tuesday, after Isobel had been to RNAS (Royal Naval Air Service) Museum at Yeovilton, in Somerset (about 40 miles from here) she visited Susan at Bear Basics at her shop and home in a village near Wincanton, Somerset, which was en route homewards.  Ed Ted had accompanied the family party wrapped in a plastic bag inside a shopping bag, so the ladies were able to make sure the right washer could be applied.

When everyone came home again, as Isobel's children (2 girls and husband of one of them) wanted to talk to both her and Peter,  no sewing was done on Ed Ted that night (although Litte Ed Ted - whom Isobel had sewed together while waiting to be able to finish Ed Ted himself - was stuffed and his head added.)  He's looking as though he's going to be quite a cheeky chap when completed!

Yesterday evening, Ed Ted's head was finally fixed to his body, but Isobel felt that his legs were not quite in the right place.  So it meant they had to be taken off and put on again - hence our not being able to finish him tonight.  All that is now needed is for Ed Ted's body to be stuffed, his paw pads sewn on and then his claws and facial features embroidered on in the appropriate positions.  That should be done in a couple of evenings, but meanwhile, here is a picture of Ed Ted - head in place - waiting to be stuffed! 

You can see what I meant - a few posts ago - when I said Ed Ted is going to be a BIG BEAR!  When complete, he will become an Associate Member of the Coldham Cuddlies family - because, of course, having a home with RFE - his Best Friend - already, he cannot be displayed in the ColdhamCuddlies shop at  I shall be pleased to make his acquaintance - and be photographed beside him!  Meanwhile, goodnight .... Cy Bear

 Before closing this post, this is Isobel back for a quick write-up - as promised - about the visit the Yeovilton.

The whole day was simply great and the "birthday boy" thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  When a lot of walking is involved, we have to use a wheelchair, but our son-in-law took over that duty and was not only an able pilot, but an accomplished guide as we all went round the exhibits.  Peter's main wish was to see and learn more about the Buccaneer aircraft:  that was satisfactorily accomplished.  The rest of us - all 'plane enthusiasts, with not too much expert knowledge - just enjoyed walking round.  Main impression was the very small amount of "elbow-room" that pilots are expected to operate in!  Best bit?  The tour round the "mock-up" of an aircraft-carrier:  from the launch of a Phantom jet off the flight deck to the landing of a Buccaneer (so realistic!) as well as the explanation of the various important components of daily life in an aircraft carrier.  Interactive displays and lots of opportunity for young people to press buttons and see what happens!  Even a spot to sit and draw one's impressions of the aircraft on display in the various exhibition halls, with selected artistic efforts placed on a wall for the benefit of other visitors!  If any readers of this blog visit the UK - RNAS Yeovilton (an operational air station as well as home to the Museum) is well worth including in your itinerary.

The day was completed with a really nice lunch at a village gastro pub en route to Susan of Bear Basics, and after a satisfactory business transaction (including the missing washer), we came home and had a lovely family chinwag over a cup of tea!  Very British, don't you think?

Hope to be posting the final installment of Ed Ted's transformation next time (probably in a couple of days).  Meanwhile, thanks for your patience!  Isobel