Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Further Bits and Pieces

Hello again everyone!  As promised in my last post, this is Cy Bear signing on once more, this time to tell you something about the new members of the Coldham Cuddlies family.

First I'd like to introduce you to my new Bear friend, Silvery Brown Furry Bear.  We'll have to think of another title for him, but for the moment that is how he is listed on our shop site at

Etsy Listing #95205668

 He's the first toy that Isobel has made with the new furry fabric sourced from our polyester fibre/plush fabric supplier in Frome, Somerset - the Fine Quality Feather Company.  We've got lots more of it, so there will be some more Bears like him, but the fabric is also great to use for the body of Badgers as and when they join us in the shop at

A full frontal of Silvery Brown Bear

On the Badger theme, we've got the patterns enlarged by 400% (as described in an earlier post)  but Isobel thinks they are just a little too big for what she wants to do with them.  She thinks initially Badgers will make great Hand/Glove Puppets, and thus the head we've now got is going to overwhelm the hand/body part of the toy.  She's got some other things to do before experimenting by decreasing the enlarged patterns - if you follow my "Irish" as the saying goes, I'm told - but be reassured, Badgers are definitely part of the future plans for the Cuddlies Family.

Meanwhile, Isobel has completed, delivered and received payment for Barry, the Beaver - who has been listed at as Etsy Listing #95363559.  He was delivered to MrsM from near-by Warminster last week-end and we now look forward to hearing how Astrid from Denmark likes him.  Given her obsession with the animal, Isobel is hoping she'll really love him.  Here's his picture for the blog record:

Etsy Listing #95363559
Then, earlier this week, Isobel listed the Hedgehog Family in the shop - having replaced the original Baby, which went to his Forever Home during the recent Spring Sales Day here in Heytesbury, with two more.  She also did another Mother Hedgehog because one of our neighbours here had fallen in love with her.  It was Mother's Day here in the UK last week-end, and MrsES - the neighbour in question - was given both Mom and Baby as a present from her daughter!  So, instead of two babies, as originally planned, we are now back to a full Hedgehog family who do seem to be attracting quite a lot of attention on the Etsy Activity site.  Isobel finds they are quite easy to make - and actually did the two babies and Mom in two long sessions.  (For your information a "long session" means she was able to sew all afternoon and evening:  a "normal" session usually means it's evenings only.  The longer events take place at week-ends, while the others are week-day one).

Here are their pictures, and the Listing numbers in the shop at for those of you who want to have a look at them.

Etsy Listing #95652141

Etsy Listing #95653310

Etsy Listing #95653745

Daddy Hedgehog (they all have their own names in the shop) is probably going to also have a counterpart soon - looking like Mom and Baby in a prone position.  This is because MrsES does not approve of Hedgehogs that stand up and has asked to have one done especially for her.  In so doing, Isobel is going to offer that option to anyone else who might have a similar feeling about Hedgehogs who are upright - but not till she has made Cy Bear II for Mrs. IM in France (the Forever Friend of Mons. Reynard and Mme.Lapin - who are on their way to Normandy), completed Rusty Bear's treatment.  That began at the week-end and should soon be completed by this week-end.   (A step-by-step report will follow in due course, we promise!) and also the commission for 10 more Baby Koalas from Mr.RFE in Sequals, Italy!

A further point:  regular followers of our blog here at may recognise the Hedgehog furry fabric.  It has appeared in our shop before as the five different versions of Hairy Bear, as well as Hairy Bear with a Brown  Felt Muzzle.  As supplies of this fabric are becoming scarcer, with little prospect of renewed supplies, Isobel has decided to stop producing Hairy Bears - they were produced as a limited edition in any case - altogether so that she can make more Hedgehogs.  They don't use up so much fabric!

That is all for me to tell you for the time being.  Isobel will be back soon with the news on Rusty and other information.  Meanwhile, enjoy the Spring weather that seems to be occurring and take good care of yourselves.  Cy Bear