Saturday, 20 April 2013

Celebrating a very Special Occasion - with the help of a Cuddly or two

Cy Bear and I are delighted to bring you a post which is all about some Cuddlies who found their Forever Home just before Christmas last year, but whom we have not told you about before, or if we have, it has been in passing.  Because we are still having computer problems, we are not absolutely sure that this post will actually go ahead today.  But in any case, as England is 7 hours ahead of Alberta, Canada, we may still be able to get it published (and read even) on the Special Day itself, because my new computer is due to return to duty sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening.

At the moment, Clare - who normally is based in Nottinghamshire, England, UK  - is holidaying with a school friend in Edmonton, Alberta.  They've been friends since they first met in Junior High School (Grades V-V11) and have kept in touch (spasmodically at times, admittedly) ever since.  When they met, though, report has it that it didn't feel like 26 years since the last saw each other!  In December last yearHeatherB (incidently she and her family have been our most prolific customer in Canada!) and her husband welcomed the arrival of AndyB into their family, and invited Clare to become his Godmother.  So, last Monday, she got a 'plane to Edmonton, and has been re-living childhood memories, meeting some of Peter's and my (and hers) Canadian chums and getting ready to take up the responsibilities of this important relationship (for the third time, incidentally!).

As is usual in the ColdhamCuddlies world, Cy Bear made sure he witnessed the departure of Mr. Coyote (Mr.C) and our Baby Yellow Bunny when they were dispatched to Clare, so she could send them as a Welcome to the World present when AndyB arrived early in December.  MrC, was specifically chosen by Clare, as she understood HeatherB often played with her dogs and baby Coyotes in fields nearby her home on the outskirts of Edmonton.  Otherwise, we might have sent a Fox instead, but chestnut coloured foxes -  like our English ones  - are not to be found in Alberta, so we felt he would be more appropriate as a playtime friend for young AndyB as he grows up.

Mr. C and Cy Bear before being prepared to travel 
The Yellow Baby Bunny is the last of his kind, and actually was made from material I used to make when we lived in Canada in the 1980's.  I've made Baby Bunnies like this for newly-arrived Little People ever since, and the one now with AndyB finished the supply of that particular fabric.  So, he's a special Baby Bunny for a special little Boy.

The photograph of Baby Bunny on his own, is one taken in the garden here at Heytesbury and has been used in our shop  He'd been on his own for some time, so it was lovely we could send him to AndyB, because he is most like my very first Baby Bunny, made for daughter Philippa when she was about the same age as AndyB is now - and the model for many different coloured Baby Bunnies since!

The Bunny in front is the model for the Snowy March Hares (Etsy Listing #125962011
Once AndyB arrived, and the date for his Baptism was set, I asked HeatherB if she could send me some photos of the young man and his toys.  She kindly did so, and here they are.  Captions are really not required, are they?

Have a great day Andy:  may you cry when the Priest pours water over you - so the Devil leaves you! and my best wishes to you,  Mum Heather, Dad Clint and God Mother Clare - as well as all the families to which you belong!

Lots of love - Isobel and Cy Bear!