Tuesday, 19 April 2011

News from Nottinghamshire

Hello again:  Cy Bear calling!

Isobel has just had the following message regarding the reception given to the Little Black Bunny that was sent to Nottinghamshire earlier this month.
"Thought you would want to know... Laura's Bunny (the black and white one) was hand delivered on Saturday. She LOVED it. Put it on her wrist right away and danced around the house with it! :) After much debate we decided it was a girl rabbit, and we decided that it would be nice if it were to be called Isobel! :)

Sam's rabbit has also been delivered... I think he is going to get his bunny on Easter day though! I shall report back when I know how he liked it! :)"
Isobel tells me that "Laura" is something called a God-Daughter to one of Isobel's own daughters and Sam is her God-son!  We're looking forward to hearing about Sam's reaction to his Easter present:  somehow we don't think it will be to dance around the house:  but you never know!

Not much has happened today on the ColdhamCuddlies Etsy site (http://www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com/) because it was the  annual clothing changeover (from winterweight gear to their summer wear for Isobel and Peter.  That means ironing shirts, dresses etc. so it may mean there won't be a post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, to end today's input, here's  another picture of me and the newest Little Rabbits - Grey, Brown and Black/White.  It was taken with some of us balancing on the trunk of a very old Mulberry Tree in our garden here at the Hospital of St. John - which may (or may not) be nearly 400 years' old.  Certainly, Isobel says the trunk seems to be  made of metal, not wood!

Bye for now - Cy Bear