Sunday, 22 January 2017

In the steps of the Pilgrim Fathers....

Hello Everyone!

Cy Bear is taking a back seat this week, because he was on guard at home in Nottinghamshire when this visit to Plymouth, Devon took place in early Autumn last year.  When deciding to give you a change from Toy News, this week, I had not intended to choose this piece for exactly this week-end: however, with America in the news as rarely before, it does seem to be an appropriate heading for this week's blog!

Last September, elder daughter, Philippa and I were spending a few days exploring this bit of the UK - me for the first time: Philippa  on this day, catching up with her best friend from University days, and renewing her acquaintance with  her honorary nephew and nieces.  Having found our way from where we'd been spending our holiday to Devon, we were taken to the ferry point which would deliver us to the centre of Plymouth, which was our intended destination.

This is the view of The Dockyard - from Plymouth Hooe, near the spot where Sir Francis Drake is reputed to have played bowls as he waited for the arrival of the Spanish Armada way back circa 1588.  The Fort buildings stand guard still and face the mouth of the River Plym, as it enters the English Channel.

Once we'd left the car, we made our way down to the boat station - and I have to confess to being a little leery of the impending journey across the water.  The trip was only due to take a matter of minutes,but I've never been that good on TOP of water. even though I'd managed well enough the day before during our visit to Dartmouth - but that trip had involved literally crossing a narrow strip of water: this looked a whole lot more open - and the boat we were heading for did not look that sturdy!!

The boat goes over pretty well every quarter of an hour or so, so we all piled in and set off - with me resolutely look anywhere but the immediate horizon - although as you can see from the photo below, the sea was as calm as millpond.  

Having reached dry land quickly and safely, we then had a thoroughly pleasant hour walking through the cobbled streets of Plymouth - with many of the buildings really not matching parts of the age of the road, due to the Town Centre having been all but obliterated during the WW11 Blitz of the City. 

We were headed for the tall tower at the end of the street - the Headquarters of  Plymouth Gin.  As we had youngsters with us, and really weren't in the mood to top our spirit supplies that day,  I just took a picture of the factory - closer up

and then we headed off down the side streets - which are well worth browsing through.  Then we found ourselves getting nearer the dockside once more.

While we waited for the ferry to return and pick us up for the return journey, we were followed by the miniature train which chuffs it's way around the City - and was in this case headed in the direction of the Fort.

Just before we got on the boat, I managed to take this picture of the steps from where the Pilgrim Fathers are said to have finally embarked on their journey to the New World.  Thought our American Followers would be interested in seeing them - and they lend credence to the title of this post.  The sun wasn't really in the best place to show the steps to their best advantage, but I think you can get the drift!

Having suffered no ill effects on the way in to the Town Centre, I was not quite so hesitant about the return journey.  Even managed to take this photo of the water back to our starting point - which showed that we were going slightly against the tide, and therefore creating a bit of a swell behind us.

However, no ill effects were felt and we returned to our friend's home for light refreshment before returning back to Paignton, where we were staying with my Cousin.  Once again, we were fortunate in the weather.

The technical issues I've been having with my Facebook accounts might be beginning to get solved,   Not quite sure, but links seem to once again be becoming established in the right way.  Hopefully this will result in all the work I've been doing on that media site actually having the right effect in increasing views and visits to our Shop.  I'm deeply grateful that the Facebook Help site seems to have understood my plaintive calls for help - fingers crossed!!  Now let's hope I don't create mayhem once again as the future unfolds!

The final Golf Club Handle Cover (replacing the one send just after Christmas to our customer in Runcorn) is finished - and now resides in our newly established stash of Handle Covers. From the lack of contact from our Cheshire-based customer, it would seem that the Yogi Bear Golf Club Cover did fit one of her Friend's clubs.  A very satisfactory outcome if that is the case.

Next in the construction stakes is a replacement pair of  Polar Bear Slippers, which forms one of our two new listings I'm planning on publishing later today.  I've not sufficient photographs of these Baby Slippers on their own, but some with both Panda Bear Kids Slippers that the Polar Bears travelled with to Italy (in October last year) are being used as a starter.  Now that Christmas is well and truly over, I feel it is appropriate for both to be published, and once the replacement Polar Bear models are completed, I'll replace the photographs in the listing.

Hopefully, the new Polar Bear Slippers will be almost done by this time next week, and then I can get on with some more Small Animal replacements.  New arrangements for displaying a selection of our small animal toys - Monkeys, Bears, Rabbits, and Piglets, as well as a selection of our Nursery Mobiles - in the new premises of our friends "The Artful Buttoner" have been made.  Several Cuddlies found new homes over the last year through that outlet, and we are hopeful that this year's selection will be equally successful.

With that, I'll end this week's bulletin - hope everyone has a great one Next Week!

Your Friend, Isobel.