Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Sequel to the Tales of The Italian Mob:

Good evening everyone - this is Cy Bear, Mascot to The ColdhamCuddlies enterprise reporting in with the latest news about my friends Ed Ted, Big Koala, and the other Bears and  Baby Koalas who form the group we've christened The Italian Mob.  We posted about them first on February 2 - Reporting the Departure of The Italian Mob, when they started their journey to Sequals, Italy with their new Best Friend, Mr. RFE.  Their mode of transport was a Jaguar car, and they were all in a black garbage bag - to keep them together and clean.

Then on March 19, I was pleased to tell you that they were staying for a while in Essex, while Mr. RFE was busy arranging all the travel details involved in taking his Jaguar car away from England, UK so he could drive  himself and The Italian Mob to Sequals.

Today, it is my great pleasure to announce that they've reached their Forever Home (in the case of Ed Ted and Big Koala) while the others are staying with Mr.RFE until he has decided who of his young friends in and around Sequals will be able to give them their own Forever Homes.  One of the Baby Koalas has a new Best Friend - called Jessica - and we learn that they have been inseparable since they first met.  He goes to school with her every day and is massively popular with all her school friends.

Isobel and I thought you would like to see some pictures of The Italian Mob outside their current residence - must say, after looking through the window in Isobel's work-room at all the rain that has been pouring down  just recently, that sunshine does look wonderful.

Here they are, sitting on the bonnet of the Jaguar - it's nice colour isn't it? - outside "The Castle", which is where a friend of Mr.RFE lives when she is in Italy, and is, I think, next door to their home.

Then this one is a close up of The Italian Mob - they look very pleased with themselves and seem to have settled in very happily.

Finally, here is another view of the Happy Mob!

That finishes my contribution to the blog for the time being.  Hope everyone of my Follower Friends (now having reached 184!) are well and that you all have a great week-end.  Cy Bear