Saturday, 2 April 2011

Just a brief call

The material for RedTed and RedTed11 arrived today - and it was only ordered yesterday afternoon!  Royal Mail can do it.....when they want to.

However, had planned on a few days' grace before its arrival as I listened to Cy's comments regarding the need to replenish the Etsy stock!  So despite the new material having arrived so fast, am now deep into replacing the Baby Rabbits, initially.  The Grey ones are being made with and without white fronts (two of each) using a deeper grey plush fur, the two Black Baby Rabbits are going to both have white chests, and am making four Brown Baby Rabbits, two with white fronts and two without.  Have already got one Brown one waiting to be stuffed, so all being well - the baby rabbits stocks should be up and running by mid-week.  I can then start the RedTeds project and then Hairy Bear (have actually renewed him on the Etsy site - just in case someone else wants one.  If so, the Baby rabbits will have to be pushed down the list!

Getting late now - so will end and Cy can have his say next time around.