Friday, 1 March 2013

Bulletin from some Travelling Cuddlies

Hello there Everyone - Cy Bear signing in!

We've got some news for you all about how the Golden Teddy Bear Cuddly who left us in January for his Forever Home in Southbridge, Massachusetts is getting on, together with some wonderful photographs that his Forever Friend, MsAB sent us recently.

He arrived, eventually, after a four week journey just after the Big Blizzard (whatever that is) and because he looked so tired, he was sent to bed for some well-earned shut-eye.  When he awoke, he was introduced to the Bear in Residence, who we have been told has been called Georgie.  Now, when he left us in 2011, he was the first ColdhamCuddlies Lt. Brown Bear  to be sold on Etsy at so it is very nice to know his current title.

Georgie made Golden Bear very welcome, and we now know that he has been given a name, too:  it's Ollie.  Don't the two Bears look smart in their sweaters?  I particularly like Georgie's badge - wonder if Ollie will get one sometime?  Perhaps it's a mark of good behaviour on Georgie's part that he now sports one?

Once Ollie had been fitted with his sweater, it would seem that he didn't keep it on for very long - because MsAB took him for an adventure to explore his new surroundings, and he looked like this at that time.  They went for a cup of hot coffee and a cake - seems as though he's getting ready to tuck in well, doesn't he?

These photographs were received just before Isobel left to stay with daughter, Philippa, in High Wycombe, where of course she was using Philippa's computer whose hard disk (again, whatever that is - the things you Humans get up to!) did not have any of our pictures registered.    The next picture was received while she was away, and it's only today that Isobel remembered how to transfer it from the Etsy Convo site to here.  We're including it, with the explanation which accompanied it, provided by MsAB:

 Message received, February 16, 2013.

" Lastly one more we took today.... After we had some tea and cake Ollie decided to look out of the window of the coffee shop and a man walked by and smiled when he saw Ollie :). I thought it would be a nice photo for your blog.... Teddies spreading smiles :)

Really, don't think I can add any more to that, can I?  However, this last photograph really shows how well Ollie is settling in, I think.

There's another ColdhamCuddlies Bear on his way to MsAB:  she has decided that her Mother, who has a significant birthday coming up in May, and who currently is Bearless should have one to celebrate this anniversary.  (No one, of whatever age, should be Bearless in my opinion.  We make great companions:  never argue, are always there for a cuddle and never give away secrets!)   So, Hairy Bear left Warminster earlier today on his way to Southbridge, MA:  photographs were taken of him being prepared for his journey, and these will form another post shortly.  Maybe, we'll wait until he arrives safely:  or maybe we won't.

Isobel is now busy completing the 15 replacement Baby Bunnies - of different hues - that she sewed up while staying with Philippa.  They're all sewn together, and now all need their eyes fixing, the ColdhamCuddlies label sewn on, and then all of them getting stuffed.  She also did two new White Bunnies - which are a different pattern and thus new to the Family.  These will form a future post too.

(Now that two of the Christmas Bears have found their Forever Homes, they will need to be replaced too! - Isobel)

So, until the next time. Oh, before I go - thanks, MsAB, for sending the photographs, and allowing us to use them for this post.   Everyone have a great week-end!  Cy Bear