Monday, 5 September 2011

Two projects completed - fast!

Goodness, gracious me!  This is Cy Bear back again - so soon!  However, Isobel wants to get on with sorting out Brr Bear.  She has been able to complete the first Glove Puppet we have been posting about just recently.  She has also managed to take a photograph of Rupert, so we decided to do a quick post this evening - because it may be a day or two before we have anything to show you (probably, the end of the week at least).

First of all, as promised when we finished last night, here are  a couple of pictures showing Rupert with his new patched cheek - hiding that nasty burn he had before.

This one is a close-up of the little chap:

Then Isobel took a full length one - which does show that the patch does not stand out too much!

Isobel thinks that Rupert would look almost as though there is nothing wrong if the fur was cut back a little.  However, she is going to leave that delicate operation for Rupert's Mum to do - if she wants to!

Now, to the first Glove Puppet - Isobel did not have as much trouble as she had anticipated completing this project.  Putting in the finger guide went in reasonably easily, as she used the one that had been in the Sooty look-alike, and treated it like she was putting in a neck joint into a fully grown bear - like me, if my head moved (which, of course, it does not).  She fitted the guide in half-way, leaving sufficient space for the body (or glove bit) to be sewn on to the lower part of the guide, and then she sewed the head to the glove.  Then she sewed on the paw pads.  Here is a quick picture of  our Golden Bear Glove Puppet - think we'll have to borrow a hand to show him off properly, but it does give you an idea of the finished project.

I think he looks rather splendid - and am looking forward to meeting the next two or three glove puppets, once Brr Bear is completed.  Isobel thinks one will be a Panda Bear glove puppet - using up the black ears she had cut out originally and then she'll do a Brown Bear glove puppet using up the brown ears she cut out at the same time.  (By the way, there are already 8 finger guides made up for use in the future puppets!) We'll probably be listing them in the shop at when we've got a series to introduce.

Until then, you (and I) will have to be patient.  Bye for now!  Cy Bear.