Tuesday, 20 January 2015

We have a Black and White Cat Puppet to tell you about!

Hello Everyone!  Cy Bear once more signing in, a little later than usual.  But what with Isobel developing bronchitis and then the computer browser having a hissy fit on Sunday - when we normally try to post - there has been no option but to delay this until today.  Still, better late than never!
So, where to start?  Perhaps with a reference to the last item in our previous post - the fact that Isobel was having difficulty fitting the newly made Black and White Cat Head (BWC) to the previously made Dry Run Puppet Body.  As it happened, when she sat down and concentrated - after the antibiotics had begun to wreak their miraculous effect, it was quite easy in the end, and we now have a new member of the Coldham Cuddlies family, - the Black and White Plush/Fleece Arm Puppet.
The actual puppet body production has been described in earlier posts, so I'm not going to go into too much detail here.  However, making BWC involved making a slightly bigger template for this fellow's head than Isobel originally used for our Ginger Plush Sitting Cat 
Isobel now has this bigger head template in a separate envelope, and it will be added to the animal head collection we are amassing for future puppet and golf club covers - both of which need a similar sized head.  So, having attached BWC's head to  the Puppet Body, we then took some photographs from different angles, and he has been listed in our Shop (https://www.Etsy.com/shop/COLDHAMCUDDLIES).
Carefully propped up against a pillow, this shows  BWC at full length - 18 inches (40.6 cms) from neck to base of body.  This bit can be varied, of course, depending on the length of the operator's arm - which is why our Arm Puppets are tagged as being "made to measure".  If any interested party wants a Cat, Tiger or any other Animal from the Coldham Cuddlies Collection, they just have to let Isobel know these vital statistics, and 3-4 weeks after receipt of the information, their individual Puppet will be on its way to them!  
(The likelihood is that delivery will actually be earlier than that 3-4 weeks, but Isobel likes to give herself a little leeway, in case she has a lot of other requests for her sewing attention at the time an order is received.  She does not like delivering anything LATE!)
This shows the decoration around the neck which Isobel embroidered by using white embroidery thread and chain stitch.  It just lifts the puppet body a little - and obviously, this too, can be individualised in any future Puppet request.  (It has the added effect of creating a tube around the neck - enabling a draw string (or elastic) to be inserted if that should be requested).
It looks like BWC is trying to climb the pillows, doesn't it?  He's is actually very gingerly balanced on the edge of the Body's base, but we hope it conveys what he looks like from the rear.
Finally, Isobel was delighted to discover that she doesn't have to rely on just her gentlemen neighbours here at Old Chapel Close, where we now reside when it comes to "borrowing" a hand to operate our Puppets.  Our usual "model" was unavailable when this was taken, but when Isobel visited the Resident's Lounge to see if she could find a  model for this picture, we found that there are at least three ladies blessed with large hand spans, who were only too pleased to assist.
Even though the photography session interrupted a hand of cards - actual game not known - we are very grateful to our fellow residents for the interest they exhibit in every Cuddly that is produced in our Flat here, and for the way they are always willing to help in any way they can.  They make terrific "critics" when opinions are required, as well.
The bronchitis Isobel has been suffering from seems to be well on it's way to being non-existent, but despite it's effects, we've been able to keep up the toy-production schedule.  Yesterday, saw the two Sleepy Koala Bears finished.  They were speedily photographed together and exhibited as a mini-catwalk show to MsHG, their Adopter from Torquay in Devon, England, UK.  She indicated which one she wanted  today - and the selected Bear will be on its way tomorrow - just a day later than intended.  MsHG had begged Isobel not to worry if she was a day or so late in delivery - because she, too, had been the victim of one of the vicious bugs that seem to be going round the UK at the moment, and did not expect her Sleepy Bear to be delivered on time, under the circumstances.
I'll tell you all about these fellows next time I post - as well as sharing some rather interesting statistics (not many, I hasten to add!) about this blog and it's progress since we began publishing it four years ago in March.  Also, I'm told, that February this year sees the Fifth Anniversary of the arrival of COLDHAMCUDDLIES on the Etsy.com scene, so I do think it's appropriate that some mention is made of these two facts.
Until the next time, then.  Hope everyone is keeping well - and looking forward to being with you again soon.  
Your friend, Cy Bear.
Coldham Cuddlies Clinic