Sunday, 9 July 2017

Some "Pearls of Wisdom" being considered for the Cuddlies' future.

Hello there Everyone:

Cy Bear being allowed to contact you this week - when there hasn't really been that much happening to tell you about.  As Isobel said, she was not well at the beginning of the week, but having recovered, we've now entered what Peter used call "the silly season" - a well-known journalistic term to describe the summer season, when "normal life" tends to go into "relaxation" mode, and nothing much happens.

COLDHAM CUDDLIES are no different, and it's a time that Isobel usually uses to do some administrative changes in the Shop, and this year is no different.  The next few bulletins may well feature non-Cuddlies items - such as descriptions of visits to nearby "visitor attractions" and holiday photos from trips taken in 2016.   This week, though, as Isobel has been somewhat less than active on line here (although she has kept up the usual daily routines on Teams/Groups) thanks to the cold, as well as working hard at losing weight (so that she doesn't find herself having to become a regular feature in the local doctor's surgery in the future) we thought we'd feature some of the Cuddlies who have been re-listed in recent days. 

Cuddlies get renewed or relisted every 3 months when they become part of Etsy life. There's no difference in the fees involved.  However, when they are renewed, the record for each Toy - number of visits, faves (likes in Etsy terms) and so on - is kept on file.  If they are re-listed, they start off once again - with a "clean" sheet.  As usual, it takes Isobel a long time to "catch on", but she's beginning to master the difference, and accordingly - from now on - Cuddlies will be re-listed each time, not renewed.  

In no particular order of listing, nor title, here are some that got a fresh airing this week: 

Monkey Baby Toys Toy Monkey Copper Monkey Toy Shower Basket Gift Copper Plush Toy Any Occasion Toy Cool Monkey Toy Unusual Childs Toy Gift

These little toys are relatively new to the COLDHAM CUDDLIES line-up, and so haven't accumulated too long a "record".  However, they too were re-listed although there's more work to be done on their Title and Tags.  (They had actually become eligible to be renewed, so Isobel decided to do the relisting and do the required changes later).  

There's always a lot of discussion on the Etsy team threads that listing at least one new item every day makes visitors looking for items to buy might find our Shop faster, so that's one aspect Isobel is trying to concentrate on.  We do now have 106 different items in our Shop, to it does give us a few more items to juggle with than we once did.  Accordingly, since we began this year's administrative exercises, we are going to try to follow this guideline. We shall see what difference - if any - it makes!!

Silver Grey Teddy Bear Faux Fur Bear Toy Furry Animal Toy Companion Keepsake Toy Collectible Toy Cuddly Toy Bear Toy Bear for All Occasions

This is my particular friend, Jasper Grey Teddy Bear.  He's been re-listed for the first time since Isobel learned the difference between the two activities, so we'll see what happens next to his chances of find a Forever Ever Home. Have to say, I'm a bit surprised he's not found one, because he's a clever chap - he can stand up WITHOUT needing to be propped up by a pillow (like I sometimes need) and his fur is particularly soft and cuddly.  However, I'm made with fabric that is ever so much older than Jasper is.  The Beaver Lamb coat from which I (and my twin, Peter Bear, are made was well over 95 years old when Isobel was given it - to "experiment" with).  Jasper is made with much more modern materials.

Peter Bear is on the left, and used to live with Isobel's sister-in-law, MmeIM (both Isobel and that lady share the same initials, so I differentiate between the ladies in this way!) in Normandy, France.  However, in the last year, he moved to live with MmeIM's grand daughter in Plymouth, Devon, UK so one day perhaps the two of us may get together again.  Isobel last saw Peter Bear when she last visited Normandy in May 2015.

Rabbit Baby Mobile Blue Fleece Bunnies God Parents' Gift Present from Grandma Shower Gift Every Occasion Gift Present for New Family Member

Nursery Mobiles became a feature of the COLDHAM CUDDLIES offer last year, and these Blue and White Baby Rabbits were among the last to be listed.  They've been renewed twice since they appeared in the Shop, so became "eligible" under Isobel's new thinking to be re-listed this time around.  We've got Baby Nursery Mobiles with Baby Monkeys, Fantasy Bears, Piglets as well as Polar Bears and Baby Foxes.   They don't all cost the same - because some of them are made with Fleece fabric (as these guys are) and others come in plush or poplin: also, they don't all have the same sized hoops from which they hang.  Readers can find out more about them by visiting our Shop ( and clicking on

Right folks, rather than "rabbit" on (pun not intended), I'll end this week's post by wishing you all a good week - and hope that you're all enjoying yourselves, whether you're on vacation or not!

All the best from 

Your Friend,  Cy Bear