Sunday, 29 November 2015

Time to introduce the New Coldham Cuddlies Hedgehog Toys

Hello Everyone.  
Cy Bear here again - this time to introduce the new 2015 versions of our Hedgehog Toys. 
The principal photographs of all three Toys have been provided  by  Mr. Phil Else, a graphic designer who has had close ties with people working in local wildlife sanctuaries.  He offered to help Isobel early in our campaign to try to save the UK Hedgehog population from extinction.  In doing so, naturally we are also hoping to try to boost the success of our Toy Shop (!   

The signs are hopeful - the week has ended with talks going on between Isobel and a prospective Buyer (of two Baby Hedgehogs - she's waiting to see what the new one's look like - as well as our Panda Hand Puppet).  With luck, I'll be able to tell you more next week ... watch this space, please!

Black and White Plush Panda - Puppet/ https: // 
Now for the new Hedgehogs in our portfolio!
Toy Baby Hedgehog Unisex Toy Black Grey Striped Fleck Faux Fur Silver Grey Plush COLDHAMCUDDLIES Stocking Stuffer Christmas Present
Here is the new Mommy Hedgehog/
Toy Daddy Hedgehog Art Doll Black Grey Fleck  Faux Fur Silver Grey Plush Face and Belly Unisex Kids Pram Cot Toy  Christmas Stocking Stuffer
Meet Daddy Hedgehog - 2015 version /
Toy Mommy Hedgehog Art Doll Black Grey Fleck Faux Fur Grey Plush Safe Pram Cot Unisex Toy Adult Companion Stocking Stuffer Christmas Present
This  is our new Baby Hedgehog/
The other four photos in each listing were taken earlier in the whole Hedgehog campaign by Isobel in Clare and Alan's garden.  It was a lovely sunny, autumnal day when that happened, but - as I'm told can often happen at that time of the year (we're now definitely in Winter today!) there was a brisk breeze and some of the pictures show the "prickly" fabric wafting in the wind!!  At least it gives the impression of being authentic!

With the arrival of the photographs, Isobel can now organise the official press launch of the new Toys - which has been arranged for Monday 7th December.  It's going to be an Open House sort of affair, rather than a formal Press Conference - for a variety of reasons.  Thanks to Ms Claire Lilley, the Proprietor of "The Artful Buttoner" (where lots of Cuddlies are already on display), we've been allocated her lecture area (she holds teaching sessions for crafters, "knit and natter" sessions for others and so on) between 1400-1600 on that day. While the area is a lot bigger than our home, it's not THAT big, and Isobel feels it will be much more informal and welcoming to do it this way.  The lighting there is much better too - so we hope it will be better for visitors to take pictures for themselves.

The plan is to invite local TV and print folk to come along, see the new Hedgehogs and how we plan to use them to help save the Hedgehogs in the UK (with the ten per cent of sales of every single Coldham Hedgehog - as well as the Family - being shared between St Tiggywinkles Hedgehog Hospital and West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue) and how we'd like to lend our support to the campaign to have The Hedgehog become the National UK Animal.  So, she's going to be busy again this week, isn't she!

Meanwhile, the first of our 2015 Hedgehog Families are on their way to Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A .  This is the picture of them sitting on Isobel's pillow prior to being parcelled up on Wednesday of this last week.

Naturally, as is the custom in the COLDHAMCUDDLIES world, as Mascot to the enterprise, I was present to supervise the occasion.

Trying to reassure the family 
and, hopefully, succeeding.
Before closing, we got an email from MsDS, who you may recall offered Colin the Koala the chance of a Forever Home.  In it, she said that he'd arrived safely (on Wednesday afternoon) and that he "is gorgeous".  She has promised to send us photographs of Colin with his Forever Friend, MsDS's son, who is getting him as a Christmas present.  Am so pleased that Colin's adventures have indeed come to a happy ending.

Until next week then.  Have a good one Everyone.

Your friend, Cy Bear.