Sunday, 13 November 2016

Canadian Christmas Parcel still being prepared

Greetings everyone!  

Cy Bear is taking a well-deserved rest this week - largely because the Canadian Christmas parcel is still not complete - although the slippers that formed the subject of last week's blog are now ready for dispatch.

Sideways view of the Grey Rabbit Slippers

Full face view of the new Novelty Slippers
Before sending the entire package off, I decided to quickly check how the other slippers had fared while stored in the Cuddlies cupboard, and was not happy with the way one of the larger slippers had been constructed.  I therefore exercised my prerogative - available to all handmade Toy Makers and Crafters alike  - of changing the final look,  As a result, I'm now halfway through the new look for our Owl Slippers (the largest available in our Novelty Slipper collection).  Looking at it, with the benefit of constructing several later models, the ankle position did not meet my current production standards; nor was I entirely happy with the way the Owl Heads had been attached to the finished slippers. One new version is now done:  the second one is in the process of being deconstructed and hopefully it will be done by the middle of next week.  I'm hoping to have the package ready to be sent to British Columbia by the end of the week, if not the start of the week beginning 21st November.  

I've found myself busy with offline activities this week, which has also curtailed my plans for our Toy Shop (www,, but when possible I've been re-tagging and re-pricing - to take advantage of upcoming Sales Days (Black Friday and Cyber Monday to name but two - look out for announcements about these!) - which has all meant lack of time to finish the Christmas present plans.  So, to round off this blog, here are a few photos (which were promised for such week-ends as this!) taken while I was away during September - visiting family and friends while being driven around by daughter, Philippa.

The next few photos show the view to be seen while walking around the locality of my cousin's home on the outskirts of Paignton, Devon.  They are of parts of Torbay and taken during the late afternoon of the day we arrived, having driven down from Buckinghamshire.

The Town of Paignton, looking westwards - with Cornwall on the other side of the furthest headland

Looking the other way, towards Torquay and eastwards up the English Channel

Pathways used by the "locals" to exercise themselves, and their dogs.  What a view, eh?
Many of the gardens we passed have very healthy looking palm  trees in them!

Torbay, and the south west coast of the UK, is often referred to as the "English Riveria"- due to the prevalence of warm westerly breezes (sometimes, a.k.a."storm force" gales) which pick up the warm temperatures of The Gulf Stream and contribute to a more Mediterranean climate than can be found elsewhere in the UK!  Hence the presence of such exotic fauna!!   (While we were in the area, we had lovely bright sunny, calm days, so I can't confirm that description of the winds myself!).

Think that is enough for this week's post - so I'll close.  Until next week, here's hoping everyone has a happy week and all that you wish yourselves

All the best.  Isobel.

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