Friday, 16 August 2013

Pooh and Brown Bears' Happy Ending

Evening everybody - it's Cy Bear back again.   Was wondering when it would happen, but Isobel has been so busy recently, that blogging has had to take a back seat.  However, I can now tell and show you what has happened to my good friends Pooh and Brown Bears - both recent Patients in the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing # 79124185).

Pooh Bear is now happily living with his original Friend, MrJA-B and his young son MA-B.  We thought you'd all be interested - so here are some pictures for you to see.

MrsPA-B took the photographs with her Ipad (whatever that might be) and sent them to Isobel.  One of the reasons for the delay in our not letting you know about them before is that it's only this evening that we've (and by that I mean Isobel, of course) figured out how to transfer them here to the blog!  Anyway, better late than never.

"I do love you Pooh Bear - just like Daddy did!"
The caption under this photo was provided by MrsPA-B, and it's so lovely that we felt it should be incorporated here.  (We have got full permission to do whatever we like with the photos, and a copy of this post will be sent to the family after we've published it later!)

After being introduced to the new Pooh Bear,  young  MA-B decided that he needed to be shown round their garden - and the first place they went to was the nearest Hydrangea bush:

Now, we must not forget Brown Bear must we?  Well he was reunited with his Forever Friend MrAA-B and his fiancee MsL (their wedding is later this year).  Apparently, it was MsL who actually saved  Brown Bear from being thrown away because it was feared he was not worth saving.  I mean to say - what a good thing MrsPA-B knew Isobel and had asked if we could have a look at Pooh Bear.   When MsL heard about us, it was speedily decided that  the two Bears would come together to the Clinic.    Brown Bear was not in nearly such a state as my other friend.  MsL is already great friends with Brown Bear - as this photograph proves!

And as I believe they say in all good stories - they all lived happily ever after!

I must say it was such fun having these two Bears staying with us, and I've missed them since they went to their respective homes.  However, it was not long before we were able to get on with treating Bernard Bear, who arrived at about the same time as the other two.   Isobel has been able to treat Bernard Bear now - and he went home to his Forever Friend earlier this week.

Another small Bear, known to us in the Clinic as TJ Bear  arrived here about 10 days ago.  He didn't need as much work done to make him better, and he is going home tomorrow.  His Forever Friend, MrsEJ had always called him Teddy until he met us - but it gets so confusing when so many Bear Patients are called Teddy or Ted.  So, when they met, Isobel told TJ's Friend that we would be calling him Ted Johnson (TJ Bear for short).  It makes telling the stories of their stay in the Clinic so very much easier.  Their treatments will be described in the next couple of posts - coming shortly.

 Isobel meanwhile, has also been busy putting new titles on all 57 toys and slippers now on offer in our Etsy Shop ( and also doing something called "tagging".  Apparently we'd not been doing it as well as we could, and having been given some great help by our friend LauraC - for whom the Golden Yellow Slippers were made, you may recall  they got done over the past three evenings.  It takes a lot of time to do it properly, and we're hoping that all this work will result in lots of Cuddlies finding their Forever Homes between now and Christmas.

So - with that thought, I'll end this post.  Lovely to be back with you all again - and here's to the next time!  Cy Bear