Sunday, 29 May 2016

Introducing some more new Coldham Cuddlies Toys - and some updates from last week's post too

Good afternoon everyone - Cy Bear returning to do his bit for the Blog this week-end.

Isobel has been busy, busy all week - when she hasn't been shopping (on her own, or being ferried by Clare and GrandsonE) - making yet another Nursery Mobile for the Shop - (in case you had forgotten).
This time, they feature Polar Bears hanging from a polystyrene circular frame encased in yellow polyester satin ribbon.  The Bears are attached to the frame by green and white check polyester cotton 3mm wide ribbons, each with a knot between Bear and Frame (to allow for any adjustments to height of the former when they eventually find their Forever Homes).

Isobel actually took some photographs of the latest Cuddlies yesterday afternoon - but it was getting late and the light was beginning to fade.  So, even though Nursery Mobiles do not usually appear in a woodland setting, she decided to take advantage of some sunshine today, and took these, which have also been used in our Shop Listing, (see above reference)  which was published in the last hour or two.  These have the Nursery Mobile strung from a branch of a cedar tree in the gardens surrounding our Apartment Complex, and the Polar Bears are sitting on one of the strategically located wood garden benches on which the residents are encouraged to sit!!

Here are individual photographs of all 4 Bears, who would not keep still - because there was a slight breeze blowing at the time the pictures where taken.

It's a pleasure for me to welcome a new Patient to the Stuffed Animal Toy Restoration Clinic - (   He arrived, as announced, on Tuesday, last week and we were told by MsLA that his name is AJ.  He's currently sitting in the Lloyd Loom Chair in Isobel's bedroom, and together with the large cardboard box he came in, is taking up a large part of that room.

AJ has had his preliminary diagnosis and his proposed treatment agreed.  The plan is for this to begin the week beginning 6th June, 2016 - because Isobel has still got some more mobile preparation/sewing planned, and she wants to get them on the way before AJ has his therapy.  It basically requires a lot of stuffing, and his neck and legs have got somewhat "squishy".  The result is that they're not holding him up very satisfactorily.  His arms are likely to get similar treatment, and he has a mane and a tail, which might benefit from some stitching in place.  Doubtless, the therapy will form the basis of a future post here!  (Our supply of Polyester stuffing is running low too, so Isobel will be getting some more after the Bank Holiday.  One can never tell just how much more stuffing a large animal toy like AJ will actually use when we are doing the treatment - and we're going to need plenty more so Isobel and her "To Do" List can be re-united, and the work completed!)

Then on Saturday, Isobel was delighted to pick up an email from the PR Officer from Romo Fabrics Limited - from whence the Laughing Owl faux fur fabric was purchased to make our current Hedgehog Family.

Apparently, the firm is having a spring clean of their stocks, and have come across some "small pieces" of faux fur which they wondered if  Isobel would like!  Unfortunately, the message was not seen by Isobel until Saturday morning, by which time the firm had closed for the May Bank Holiday week-end.  So, we will have to wait until Tuesday before communications between Isobel and the PR Office can begin.

We discovered when we made the acqaintance of Romo Fabrics last year, that much of the faux fur fabric we'd been using for our Cuddlies to date had actually originated from the firm.  You may recall that we'd been getting a regular twice-yearly supply from a soft furnishing factory in Frome, Somerset, when we lived in Wiltshire and Romo Fabrics had been their long-time supplier!  Small world isn't it?  It's a much more convenient arrangement now - as Isobel now lives a mere 7-10 minutes away by 'bus, instead of having to rely on friends (or having to drive when she and Peter had their car).  That journey used to involve a 24 mile round trip each time!!

We're hoping to be able to combine the delivery of these items, with a re-supply of the Laughing Owl faux fur fabric.  We've only got enough in stock here for a couple more Parent Hedgehogs (or three Baby Hedgehogs) before our initial supply run out.  Isobel had some difficulties in transporting the initial roll of fabric on the local 'buses.  Whilst quite possible, and better done when the vehicle is not too crowded, if the firm's delivery van can do the job for her, it would obviously be a better option all round.  A 60" width fabric fixed around a heavy cardboard roll is not the most easy object to get in and out of - and sit down with - in a public vehicle!!

We'll keep you posted as to what happens - never you fear.  Meanwhile, as many of our Followers, like us, are enjoying a long week-end (with Memorial Day celebrations in the United States of America in particular), I'll end by sending good wishes to everyone having an extra day's holiday this week.

Have a good week Everybody - when it starts on Tuesday.  Your friend, Cy Bear.