Thursday, 29 March 2012

 The Boosting Etsy Shops Team's goal is to offer support
and promotion of one another's Etsy shops primarily through our
personal Blogs, and also through our Twitter Accounts and Facebook Fan pages.
Commitment to this common goal is what makes our team the BEST! 

Feature Blog for March 2012 - Stage II

With this latest BESTeam Feature, I hope to have caught up with my required commitment to Boosting my fellow Team members Etsy Shops.  So, without further ado -

How about visiting our friend Lilly DelValle K.’s shop ANCIENT OILS?  On offer are a range of natural products which are designed to make one’s life healthier and more comfortable, with a detailed explanation of what goes into the products and just how they work.    As a qualified practitioner in Holistic and Spiritual Healing, Lilly is well able to expound on the products she describes as Aromatherapy for Physical & Psychological Wellness.

Shea Butter & Oatmeal Soap

Lilly’s Maidens’ Shea Butter & Oatmeal Facial soap - which comes in a set of 2 - is a natural soap meant to help with that teenage skin nightmare complaint - ACNE.  Having been a martyr to it as a teenager myself, I would have gladly welcomed being able to use it.  Thankfully, I’m way past that era now - but if any of my young friends and acquaintances need help, guess where I’d send them? 

There’s a slight problem though:  Lilly doesn’t seem to ship outside the USA and Canada…..I’ll have to check that point out by following up on her invitation to contact her - any time, so I‘ll be visiting her shop  Why don’t you do the same?  All the more, if like me, you don’t live in the United States of America!

One of the joys of membership of the BESTeam - for me at any rate - are the many international bases from which we many of us operate.  Lilly DelValle K. is from  the USA:  my next Shop is LasFloresdelsur, owned and operated by Marisa Kraiselburg - who is based in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Marisa set up this Shop so she can experiment with adornments - whether  they be hair clips, brooches, wooden pins and/or buttons - for use as craft projects or personal decoration.

Collection of Poppies

This colourful example  - a Collection of Poppy Flowers  -can be used as accessories on headbands, hair clips, or barrettes, T-shirts, blouses, hats and scarves - the list goes on: only limited by one’s imagination and need at any one time.

Contacts are:  Shops: (jewellery)
                              http://ww.crafts&  (PDF tutorials and supplies)                       Facebook:

Carrying on the international theme, it’s with pleasure that I draw attention to C.C’s BlueWhiteWear shop.  CC is an American, who has lived in Bangkok, Thailand and moved to Santiago, Chile in 2010, where she still resides.  Her products therefore reflect her multi-national experience and I particularly like this one.

Chinese Ming Blue & White Pendant + Beads Necklace

This necklace particularly highlights a shard of Ming Dynasty porcelain mounted in the pendant.  The necklace is 21 ins. (53cm) long, and comes with a 3 in. (7.5cm) extension.  The pendant lengthens the whole necklace by a further 1.75 in (45mm).

There many other lovely examples of necklaces, ear rings that complement them, and bracelets.  Call in and I'm sure CC will be delighted to help you.  She can be contacted via her shop -

As a member of the team, I shall continue to feature the Shops operated by my fellow BESTeam members - meanwhile, if you have a blog yourself, are a crafter and own a shop which you wish to promote, why not check in to the BESTeam site and read how you can become a member yourselves.  It's been fun since I became a member three months' ago.