Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Latest Farewells - More Cuddlies going to their Forever Homes

One of our recently listed Golden Plush Teddy Bears left for his new home in Southbridge, Ma, USA  on Tuesday, January 22, so we thought you'd like to see what a Cuddly looks like as he/or she is prepared for their international journey(s).

Everyone gets wrapped in at least two sheets of chemical free white tissue paper, and then they are all encased in a layer of bubble wrap.  That way, given the rough treatment all parcels get when they are committed to their post-bags in the UK Post Offices, there is a better chance that they will arrive at their eventual destination a little less battered than otherwise might be the case.

Before Golden Bear was put into the polythene travelling envelope, Cy Bear made sure he was comfortable.

Before the envelope is finally sealed, we always enclose a letter to the new Forever Friend and then the envelope is sealed, a FRAGILE label is attached to both front and back of each parcel - they may be soft, stuffed toys, but they deserve a bit of TLC do they not?  Then an Air Mail label is fixed on and finally - where required - a Customs Form is filled in and signed.  Then the package is ready.

On Tuesday, on the way to her weekly Zumba class, Isobel went to the Post Office in a nearby Village which has the capacity to handle international parcels of all sizes.  Heytesbury does have it's own Post Office, but it can only handle Small Packets up to a specific size - and usually the ColdhamCuddlies  Teddy Bears (the biggest toys we sell in our shop at end up a whole lot bigger than a Small Packet - although some of them may still travel at the higher Standard Small Packet charge!  Confusing or what?  This is why, when all the Cuddlies are listed in the Shop, Isobel now explains at the end of each description that as she no longer drives a car, access to the right Post Office is limited to Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays of any week.  (On the latter two days, she goes into Warminster to do her weekly shopping, and that town also has a suitably qualified Post Office).

Edward Bear, the subject of our last two posts,  also went back to his Forever Friend on the same day Golden Teddy Bear left for the USA.  RevJS also attends the weekly Zumba classes when her parochial duties permit, and last Tuesday was one such occasion.  Thus he was handed over after the session, Isobel was paid (RevJS said she would come armed with her cheque book!) and another Patient's treatment was bought to a successful conclusion.

Here is a final photograph of Edward - together with Cy Bear, as the latter performs the now familiar ritual of saying goodbye to the Cuddlies (and Associate Cuddlies) as they go to their Forever Homes.

Today, Thursday, January 24 another ColdhamCuddly left Heytesbury on his way to a new Forever Home.  This was one of our White Plush Baby Bunnies ( Etsy Listing #70181260) and he is on his way to Austin, Texas.  Ordered by KatieM, he is destined as an Easter Bunny present for her little niece.  He is Bunny No.1 in this picture.   All my baby bunnies tend to be "He's", and this one was no exception.  However, prior to his departure, KatieM  did request that a Pink Ribbon be added - so doubtless he will be come she eventually!  A photo of Bunny and Forever Friend will, hopefully, be forthcoming once the presentation takes place.

When there are more than one examples of a Cuddly in our shop at, this is the procedure.  All available models are lined up, numbered (so far there has only been a need for 4, but the labels are easily prepared should the need arise!) and photographed at all angles so the Buyer can make a choice.  How on earth did one manage before the appearance of the internet?  As I had to go to Warminster this morning, White Plush Baby Bunny came too, and was posted as an Air Mail Small Packet to the U.S.A.

Now, the next project is the Treatment of Ted Wilson - who arrived in the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic a few weeks after Edward.   He is in a lot more need of therapy than was Edward.  The picture below shows him with Edward when they were both waiting for their mohair fabric to arrive from the supplier.  Apparently, his garment was knitted for TW (as he has been named for the purposes  of his treatment in the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic) by his Forever Friend's Nanny, who was ashamed of his naked appearance!  A request has been received for said garment to accompany him back home once his rehabilitation is complete. 

Until the next time, both Cy Bear and Isobel signing off!