Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Change from Baby Rabbits: here are Hares!

Etsy Listing # 125962011
These little fellows are Retro Snowy March Hare Babies just listed in our shop at   As they've been posted on all the Etsy Team forums I've signed up for, thought I'd complete the job by doing this extra post this evening!

Last summer, we welcomed a patient to the Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing # 79124185) who was called Bunny.  He had been a much loved plaything for the son of  really good friend of our family MrsPC, who is also the Forever Friend of Fred Bear, who incidentally was also a Patient (see our Posts recording his Treatment - The Rejuvenation of Fred Bear was posted 08/08/2012 and Part Two on 14/09/12).  Bunny had lost a lot of weight over the years and really only needed a good wash and restuff - which did not take long.  However, while he was in pieces having his bath, I took a template for future use - and these Snowy March Hare Babies are the first results.  The intention is to also make some Brown March Hares too - which I'll cut out and attend to tomorrow once this post is complete.  It's the ears of these guys that makes me feel they are Hares rather than Rabbits!

Bunny had been forgotten and hidden in MrsPC's craft contents cupboard for many years, and while she was clearing out the contents (most of which were donated to me!) Bunny emerged and is now back  home with Fred Bear, with the intention of being re-introduced to MrsPC's son!  That reminds me, I must enquire as to whether that event has taken place, and what the result is!

This full-on view of the two Baby Hares was taken in our Photographic Studio, and I think the results speak for themselves.  Certainly, using the tripod, does mean that my hand doesn't shake as I click the button!

Solo pictures of each Baby Hare
And finally, here is a photograph of their tail ends - just to complete the picture!

 Looking forward to your reactions to them!  Meanwhile,  all the best - as ever.  Isobel