Thursday, 7 April 2011

"Missing Bear" finally located

Hello there:  it's Cy Bear back again.

Sorry for the delay in getting back, but Isobel has been so busy complying with my suggestion that her Etsy shop ( should be replenished after the recent departures for Edmonton, Alberta and Nottinghamshire, UK that she's not been able to put our thoughts down in a new post.

The Baby Rabbits are shortly going to be boosted by the addition of 10 more models:  two Black and White ones - they are still in bits:  four Grey ones (two with White fronts) - this time, their fur is a darker Grey and they are sewn together, but need stuffing and the addition of their tails and ears;  and four new Brown ones, two with White fronts.  Two of the Brown ones are stuffed, and one still needs ears, tail and facial features and ribbon added.  Isobel has also been deciding the best way to restore Red Ted to an acceptable state - poor chap really was in a state and in danger of letting down the Teddy Bear team!

Another problem that was exercising Isobel was the "Missing" Bear (this is him in this picture!)  that had successfully completed his journey to Massachusetts.  Although she had seen a picture of him in his very smart new sweater, she was unable to find the illustration when she came to put it in this blog.  She and Etsy have been working on the "disappearance", and this afternoon, she was delighted to find the message from Light Brown Bear's new owner and his picture on her Feedback bit of her Etsy Shop.

An update on the Edmonton crowd that left England a week ago today.  We got a message back yesterday that they, too, have arrived safely, and there was a picture of them too!

Got to go now - after doing this post twice (really, Isobel has got to get to grips with this blogging business!  Bye!  Cy Bear