Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kittens Ahoy - Black and White Furry Kittens are looking for a New Home!

I've recently signed up for a Etsy Team Handmadeology e-course to help in marketing the Cuddlies.  Thus, from time to time, when listing new Members of the Cuddlies Family, I shall be immediately posting here - as suggested by the tutors on this course.  Be warned, there may be similar postings appearing shortly on my Facebook pages, as well as on Pinterest and other marketing sites - again, as recommended by the Course tutor(s).

Etsy Listing #110444487
These Black and White Furry  Kittens, jointly featured under the title  Kittens Ahoy, are both taken from the same template, which I created while the original Sleepy Kitten model was a Patient in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic (Listing #79124185).  He was one of four toys requiring treatment who have now also become models for Coldham Cuddlies in the last few weeks.   Sleepy Kitten’s original home is the Toy Box kept by my son-in-law’s Mother, PamL, for visiting Little People to play with:  as result  he had become somewhat care-worn before arriving for attention in the Clinic. 

Sleepy Kitten originally was only going to have a wash and brush-up:  however, while staying with the Cuddlies Family, he was seen by a neighbour looking for a present for her newly-arrived grandson and I have been asked to do a Black version - but with blue eyes.  The Black Furry Kitten here has brown ones - even though they are not as visible through the Black Plush as are the eyes on the White Furry  Kitten.  It may well be that the Blue eyes will continue to feature in future.  The Furry Kittens are easy to make and both versions together took  just two evenings’ work.  They will make ideal first toys and could feature at Baby Showers, as well as be Christening gifts - although older children will find them a comforting armful.

This is the Black Furry Kitten
and now, White Furry Kitten
If Buyers are interested in reading about Sleepy Kitten’s treatment regimen, before these two Cuddlies appeared on the scene, there is post about them on our blog at www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com/09/12/2012.

Measuring 8 inches (20 cms) high (middle of head to base over nose) and 11 inches  (20.8 cms) round their backs to the junction of their tails, a further 7  inches (10.9 cms) can be added for their tails, which are not stuffed.  Using Black and White Plush fabric, with Crystal Safety Eyes, both versions are stuffed with polyester fibre meeting all international safety standards and have facial features sewn with Double Knitting yarn.  There are no sharp edges, so are fairly described as a safe toy.  Both Furry Kittens are made in a smoke free environment - as are all the Cuddlies.

The next photographs show each Kittens' rear views:

They weigh 5.5 ounces (165 g) and can therefore travel at the Standard Small Packet rate charged by United Kingdom Royal Mail, as they will fit easily into a medium-sized airmail envelope.  Buyers should be aware that I no longer have ready access to a car, and am dependent on public transport to reach the nearest Post Office willing to handle most of  the packages produced by the wrappings used to encase a travelling Cuddly.  I live equi-distant between two such Shops:  and usually travel on a Tuesday and or Thursday or Friday each week to one of them.  Customers with a deadline to meet should therefore take this arrangement into account when ordering.

This marketing lark certainly requires a lot of work!  But then, who says social media is easy?  It will be interesting to see if doing this each time one lists a new item in the shop at www.Etsy.com/shop/coldhamcuddlies results in a higher sales figure!  Will keep you posted:  meanwhile, wish us luck, please.

All the best for this evening.  Cy Bear will be back soon - I'm hoping to borrow that elusive child model Cy Bear was talking about in his last post, tomorrow (unless we've all drowned in the downpours we suffering at the present time:  although I have to add we're not getting it as badly as some of the other parts of the United Kingdom are - thank Heaven!).

Good night:  and God bless.  Isobel