Saturday, 11 August 2012

I've just been awarded the Libester Blog Award!

Liebster Blog Award

I am honored and have been awarded the "Liebster Blog Award" by
ANGIE OUELLETTE-TOWER author of two blogs

God's Growing Garden (which is the one I follow) and Gourdonville

The Rules:
1. Share 11 random facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person that tagged you.
3. Tag 11 people
4. Ask them 11 questions
11 Random facts about Myself

1.  I was born (a long time ago) in Pakistan, when it was still British India.
2.  Orphaned at 10 months, I was reared and loved as a full family member by an Aunt and    Uncle, who happened to be tea planters in South India.
3.  I am half-English and half Scottish, so thoroughly British.
4.  I have lived and worked in Alberta, Canada (1975-1987) and South Africa (1968)
5.  Recently widowed (after nearly 43 years being married).
6.  I have two wonderful daughters and a marvellous son-in-law, so am still a very lucky person
7.  I also have one canine and three feline grand daughters - who all give me cause for great laughter by their actions
8.  I loathe spiders, snakes and most creepy crawlies.
9. Enjoy meeting new people - both in real time or virtually.
10. Like " playing" on the internet, but don't always know what I'm letting myself in for
11.  Blogging is a fairly new interest, but do enjoy sharing my craft stories with those who kindly follow me

  The 11 Questions that Angie posed:

1.  What is your favorite Jane Austen book?  Pride & Prejudice
2.  Pick just one:  chocolate, hard candy or licorice?  Chocolate
3.  What is your pet peeve?  People who moan, without cause
4.  Can you speak a different language (other than English)?  (If so -which one?) French, but not fluently
5.  Do you have a garden & if so what kind (veggies, fruit or flowers)? Veggies.
6.  What is your favorite artist? (visual artist)? Don't really have one
7.  What kind of perfume/cologne do you wear? Eau de Cologne mostly
8.  What is your favorite "Great Lake"? (If you are not from North America then just pick your favorite lake) Once could draw all of them on a map, but not now.  My favourite British one has to be Lake Windermere (used to live close by until 4 years ago).
9.  Who/what motivates you? My family, without a doubt
10. Skiing:  down hill, cross-country, water or none?  None
11.  Without looking this up on google - what is the quadratic formula?? - quick!!! Have not got a clue - does that make me an ignoramus?

The blogs I tagged:

1.  A  View from the Furry Side
2.  Absolutely Kismet
3.  All Things Tangled
4.  Beader Bubbe's shop
5.  Created By Laurie
6.  Custom Teddys
7.  DeeDeeDezyn
8.  Island Buzzy
9.  Living Vibrations
10. Riorita - Handmade Jewellry Designs
11. Sher's Creative Space.

Many were fellow members of the BESTeam Bloggers - and I miss our regular contacts.  The rest have given me immense pleasure in reading their posts.  Long may our contacts continue.

My questions to those I have tagged:

1.  Your favourite colour?
2.  Your first memory of that colour?
3.  What's your summer been like - weatherwise?
4.  Your favourite holiday?
5.  Your first mistake?
6.  Has it been repeated?  (Bet it hasn't!)
7.  Cat, dog or other? - choose one
8.  Their latest trick?
9.   Looking forward to ....?
10. Looking back at.....?
11. What next - if you're a crafter:  or if not?