Sunday, 19 November 2017

WINTERFEST2017 has nearly arrived: Last Minute preparations are in hand!

Hello Everyone:

Cy Bear once again taking up the story regarding the COLDHAMCUDDLIES countdown to this VERY IMPORTANT date in our Shop's history.

This Christmas Craft Fair will be the biggest display of our wares since we started out in February 2010 - when we were based in Warminster, Wiltshire, England, UK.  As regular readers of this blog will remember, we moved from there in 2014 and are now based in Nottinghamshire, England, UK - right in the area known worldwide as "Robin  Hood Country! WINTERFEST2017 is actually located in part of the remainder of Sherwood Forest - and is in a lovely setting in the grounds of Thoresby Hall, near Newark, Nottinghamshire - but it could be somewhat hazardous to our newly developed internet connections, because Wi-Fi connection is not always guaranteed, so please EVERYONE, please keep your fingers crossed that we have a good day and that such hazards are not encountered.

Thoresby Hall, within whose grounds,WINTERFEST2017  will be taking place

The Cuddlies stock replenishments are almost completed:  there is just one more Dark Blue Fleece Rabbit to have one more seam sewn and then the last 2 Rabbits (both self-coloured Dark Blue Fleece varieties) can be stuffed, labelled and placed in their specific travelling bag!  In the meantime, this week Isobel has completed the Brown Fleece Rabbits - I told you about them in last week's post:

You will recall that we're offering the self-colour options for the first time - and this is what they look like from different angles:

Then we've also got two more Purple Fleece Rabbits - white-chested, as well as self colour, and like the Brown Bunnies, the self-colour variety is being shown for the first time here:

They are actually quite a lot more PURPLE than perhaps they look in these pictures, but had Isobel got the Dark Blue ones to show you (they're currently based up the road, in Clare's home - where Isobel has been staying overnight since Wednesday this week - and due to continue doing so until Friday - while the bathroom in our flat is completely re-done), you would see that they actually are not as Blue as they appear.  (Something to do with the ink colours involved I'm told - a fact not necessarily of immediate interest to a Beaver Lamb Bear like me!).

Technical matters have also dominated Isobel's mind this week - culminating with a telephone conversation between Clare (in her home, with Isobel in attendance) between the Account Manager at PayPal appointed to look after the COLDHAMCUDDLIES new Business Account which has been opened specifically for WINTERFEST2017 (as well as for the foreseeable future!).  The result of that encounter is that we now have a Chip Card Reader (whatever that is!) linked to Isobel's new Smartphone (???) and all that Isobel and Clare now have to do is to ensure that both bits of equipment are "fully charged" - and we'll be able to accept Card Payments, as well as Cash/Cheque payments next Saturday at the Christmas Festival at "The Court Yard".

Since Isobel accepted the invitation to participate in this Christmas Craft Fair about 6 weeks ago, there have been a lot of outgoings from our Bank Account - inevitably!  However, we've also been successful in receiving several orders (3 of which I've mentioned in previous posts for 2 pairs of Children's Slippers (Christmas presents) and Hermy the Whale - also a Festive gift) and this week - after rather a "fallow" period for sales on Etsy, Isobel has ended up with 3 new orders. 

One is for our Panda Bear  (I told you about his recent facial makeover in a recent post, and look what happened this week, eh?).

He's going to a Forever Home connected to MsMP - who lives just 25 miles or so down the road in Nottingham itself:  and this afternoon, we've created a Custom Order for a MrsSG - living in Rhode Island, NY who wants Isobel to make 2 Three-Way Bed Pillows, one looking like Winston Wombat here

The second one included in this double order is to be made as a Three-way Bed Pillow, but this time resembling our Sleepy Koala, using the same fabric.

These two will head the January Order Book, together with the Ladies Novelty Bear Slipper Isobel is due to make for one of our fellow residents.  That pair is to resemble a Yogi Bear type Furry Bear, with Scarlet Satin Ribbon Trimming!

So, once WINTERFEST 2017 is over, Isobel's work begins once more - this time to fulfill the existing Order Book, and prepare for the New Year one - as well as, what we hope, will be several replacements or brand new models for Ornamental Toys from our existing Shop, who we hope will find new homes next Saturday.  One of our Baby Owls, was actually paid for today, when Isobel was drinking coffee after Mass at St. Barnabas - the Buyers, Mr and MrsDS - from Nottingham, will not be able to be at The Courtyard next week-end, but wanted to ensure that their newly-born great niece has him for Christmas (a Reserved Label will be on show at The Courtyard), as will similar notices for 2 of our Golf Club Head Covers - heading for a destination to be specified in the New Year - in Virginia, USAMsMP has also been kind enough to allow us to display Panda Bear at The Court Yard event, and we will ensure that he is en route to Aspley, Nottingham next Monday, 27th November! cover

This Buyer actually wants Isobel to do two sets of 3 Golf Club Covers, but has yet to make up her mind (as well as get her husband to do the same!) exactly what Animal Head they want for their particular Golf Clubs!   So 2018 looks like starting off with a bang:  let's hope it continues in that vein!

See you all after the Show next week-end - if Isobel has the energy to help me write the results for you, that is!

Your Friend, Cy Bear.