Sunday, 27 August 2017

Temporary Closure of Blogging Activities - and the aftermath: some Cuddlies being named!

Hello Everyone:

Sincere apologies from both Cy Bear and myself for the recent break in weekly updates from the COLDHAMCUDDLIES World:  as ever, they were caused by "technical difficulties" which this time resulted in the computer being sent for serious "replacement therapy" - namely a totally new hard disk.   (I'm never sure which way one is supposed to spell this particular technological gadget, so I'll also call it a hard disc - to cover all bases!).

Now, I'm gradually feeling my way back into "normal working conditions", and occasionally encountering hiccups along the way - because despite "all" data being backed up (according to my helpful technical gurus), some items seem to have slipped away - although. just today - trying to get back here -  I discovered a whole heap of photographs of former COLDHAMCUDDLIES family members on the "Google Photos" site that I hadn't realised I still had!!  I tend now to keep all the current - and more recent - photo opportunities filed on the computer pictures programme, which I presume is a Windows10 offering, rather than a Google one.  I really do get confused.  Think I'll just have to find somewhere (or, even, someone!) where I can just sit down and watch how I get every one, and everything connected with the Cuddlies and I, to just talk to EACH OTHER, than carry on as they once did (and some still do!! Facebook page activity is suddenly very "talkative" - in that when I post anything on one page, it tends to get duplicated:  although that doesn't happen every time. However it's easier to delete one item, and operate with nothing being seen by my Friends - or maybe, if I delete the second copy, then it will mean only SOME  Friends being updated, and not others!  See what I mean - I really am "dangerous" when let loose on line!!)

Now, those whines out of the way, thought you might like to see the opening paragraphs of the last post started before the breakdown occurred.  You will thus see that I did intend to notify you all of the impending gap in news from our part of the internet world.  The shock of finally having to succumb to the computer's woes, evidently drove me to abandon this, without actually posting it.  However, it will be a convenient bridge between THEN and now!   So:

"A short note from both Cy Bear and Myself just to give you news of a short break in communications caused by problems with the computer.

As you know, we've been engaged in a lot of relisting, re-tagging and re-photographing, and something went wrong in the proceedings.  Google Chrome (my browser of choice) is not playing ball with our Shop (  I'm taking the computer into the technical help desk at the nearest Shop from where I purchased it tomorrow (Monday 14th August) for it to have thorough clean.  I'm just not capable of doing it without getting into even more trouble.

Before I go though, here are some of the newest re-listings showing up in the Shop - which is currently "on vacation" until things get clarified.

Nicholas Rabbit -

From now on, we're in "real time"!!
This is just one of the listings that took place during the week beginning 7th August, 2017- although even while the computer and I were parted, I was able to keep re-listing Cuddlies who needed it - because I was able to access the Shop ( via a machine located in the Kirkby in Ashfield Library. While I wasn't totally without internet connection, the time available was a lot less than when I am at home - because it's allocated on a one hour basis, with just one update being available!

You will notice that this Rabbit Toy now has a published name - and it's a deliberate, "new" move on my part. (Some Rabbits and Foxes have had names all along, and this is one of them:

Jeremy Rabbit -
September was the month in 2010 when COLDHAMCUDDLIES actually began listing it's wares and offering items for sale (we actually registered in January of that year, spending the intervening period building stock), so with our 7th Anniversary rapidly approaching, I decided to name some more, if not all, Cuddlies (current and future), in the hope that by "individualising" them, they will attract more attention.  I've tried different ways to do the listing, including naming each Toy, but over the years, that particular idea seems to have fallen by the wayside.  Something tells me that the time has come for me to do the "name game" once more, so I've decided the Dressed Rabbits and Foxes, Wolves and Coyotes in the Shop will again have their own names - as and when they come up for listing (when I remember to include the new labels, that is!!).  Some have been re-named:  as I go along - retagging etc.  

Those that slip through the net, will eventually get their own "monikers" (a bit of London Cockney rhyming slang, I believe, and a "saying" that Peter often used in conversation, with friends and me, when he was alive.  Please don't ask what it "rhymes" with - as I do not know!)     Needless to say, potential Forever Friends of these Toys are more than likely - and indeed, ENCOURAGED - to name their acquisitions whatever they want to!!  (I suspect that the effort of deciding what to call Cuddlies as they appeared on the scene is one of the main reasons I stopped doing it!!).

To return to the listing that took place in the week before we temporarily lost touch with each other:

Uncle Brendan Brown Bunny-
Since 2010, there have been several versions of Uncle Brendan - who have found Forever Homes as far apart as California, France and the UK.  This photograph is of the last model and he needs replacing - and is one of several Cuddlies, listed in the Shop, who are also in that same "replacement category".  However, anyone wanting to buy him, or the other similarly placed Cuddlies, need to know that generally it takes me 6-9 days (from cutting out to completion), so well within the 3-4 week dispatch date deadline quoted on any Etsy Order form associated with our Toys.  The dichotomy in timings is there just to ensure that any Work in Progress is covered when an order arrives.  All Orders are dealt with on a "first come, first served" basis.  So far, there's not been an occasion when a Buyer has been disappointed with a late arrival at their front doors - wherever in the world they may be located - although I do recall one occasion when a Cuddly's arrival was delayed (alas again as the result of a computer mishap!".  Customer details were on the computer - and not in my "hard copy" file! Fortunately the lady concerned was most understanding.)

Finally, for this week at any rate, here's a Dressed COLDHAMCUDDLIES Fox toy, who was re-listed more or less at the same time as these three rabbits - and she, too, has had a name since she was first conceived - Miss Prim Fox:

Miss Prim Fox -

Please God, this will be the last time that the computer and I are separated for any length of time: believe me, I now do know what the term "withdrawal symptoms" actually feels like - and means!

See you all soon.  Cy Bear sends his best wishes - and looks forward to chatting with you all soon.

Your Friend.