Sunday, 10 February 2019

Did you miss us - as much as we've missed being here?

Well Folks - a very Happy New Year to all our Followers!  A little late maybe, but better that than never.  (For a few weeks recently, we've feared that indeed this could be the likely scenario!!)

Betty Yellow Bunny getting prepared to travel to her Forever Home in the USA

Believe me, Isobel and I did not mean there to be this long a gap in communications here, but what with one thing an another, it went on longer than we ever thought it could!  A lot has happened (mostly technical, and everyone who knows Isobel, knows what that can mean!).  However,  that gives us the chance to create several new future posts - and, as always, news from the COLDHAMCUDDLIES does not really date.  Be assured, though, that the Shop -  has had several additions to the Family, the Clerical Bears were duly introduced, and are proving popular, and Isobel is just finishing off orders that were received after the Christmas deadline, where the Buyers were all prepared to wait. (This year, the run up to the Holiday was hectic - and included two Animal Toy restoration projects as well!)

So, let's begin with the catch up!  Having just re-read our last post, there is such a lot of it to do, that we'll be here for ages if Isobel were to do it bit by bit.  So, some of the subject matter - such as a Clerical Bears update -  will be "squashed" up, and issued in instalments. Others, we might do in coming weeks, as a full blown post, as they are new Cuddlies in the Shop, or catching up news on those who've found new homes like Betty Yellow Rabbit.  We did mention in our last post in September 2018 that she had surprisingly been ordered by one of our long-term, good friends from Tulsa, Oklahoma - so we thought we'd begin with a bit more about her today.

To begin with - here's a photograph of the Clerical Bears on display at the Artisan Craft Fair early in October, when they made their official appearance.

The spiral staircase used to great effect here is one we'll borrow, when we need to, for future Craft  Fairs at St. Barnabas Cathedral - because it was "found" while the Craft Group were preparing for the inaugural Show in October. (There have been three additions to the Clerical Bear Collection - all different Sister Bears, who have been specially ordered - so this news will have to form a post all of it's own!)

We're pleased to announce that since the Show, we've contributed £70.00 to the St. Barnabas Cathedral Restoration Fund (at £5.00 for every Clerical Bear sold), and Isobel has another £15.00 collecting in our bank account.  There are several potential orders in the offing, so we'll wait a week or two (on all fronts), before we pay in/tell you more about them. (The Sister Bears are way ahead in what could be called "The Clerical Bear Stakes" were this situation to be a horse race!!).  Several Padre Bears (3 at least) have found homes, we've sold one Bishop Bear, but so far, no interest has been expressed in either of the Missionary Bears or the Vicar Bear.  There's plenty of time yet, as we're going to keep them in the Shop with no time limits set on when they'll be withdrawn.  They've got plenty of potential good to do yet!!!

In Betty Bunny's case, she had a trouble free trip to Tulsa, but unfortunately, the zip code Isobel was given was incorrect!  Betty Bunny was within a whisker of being sent back to the  UK by United States Postal Service (USPS), when Isobel - who likes to check on our Cuddlies' progress when they are en route to their Forever Homes - alerted MrsKD (the actual Buyer here) that Betty should have arrived!  The zip code error was then discovered.  Fortunately, the family in Tulsa got together, informed USPS of the correct zipcode, and MrSS (son of MrsKD) - who has received several parcels from the Coldham Cuddlies (and is still being supplied, incidentally!) was able to take Grand 
DaughterV, accompanied by her Mum, to pick Betty Bunny up.

After they met, MissV feeding Betty Bunny with her carrot, to help get over her journey

Still inseperable - several weeks down their road.

Right, I think we've gone on long enough for this weeks' post.  Isobel will try to organise things a bit better so we can get you updated on COLDHAMCUDDLIES' World events/new members and new looks since we were last together, and we'll pick up from here next time we get together.

It's so great to be back again chatting to you all. Do hope we can take up where we were getting to when we all last were together.

Your Friend.

Cy Bear.

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