Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Departing Friends

Hello again!  As Official Mascot for the Coldham Cuddlies family, it is my pleasure to announce the departure on March 31 of four more of our Cuddlies - all to the same destination.  Hairy Bear (the Bear on the right of Isobel's introductory picture) is going to a long-time, family friend in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Here's a separate picture of him - among the daffodils in the garden here at Heytesbury,

The other Cuddlies who are going to Edmonton with Hairy Bear are one of the Koala Bears and two of the Baby Rabbits, one Brown and one Grey, with a white chest.  That means Isobel is going to have to   sit down and get sewing again so that all of them can be replaced - especially as a Black  BabyRabbit  and another Grey one were posted to Nottinghamshire here in England last week.  We're getting seriously depleted - which is, I suppose, the object of this exercise.

She's been so busy today getting everyone prepared for their journey that she's still not told me exactly what being Official Mascot of Coldham Cuddlies is going to involve.  However, I would have thought sitting all of us down somewhere and taking one final picture might have been a good idea?  Maybe, next time:  I'll let her off today, because the weather was not too good, so outside pictures were not an option - and she's still not too confident taking pictures of us inside.  She's waiting to be given a lesson by a friend of ours, next time he is available.  Bye - until the next time!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Introducing the Official Mascot - Cy Bear

Hello Everyone!  I'm the latest member of the Coldham Cuddlies family and am told that I am an "experiment" (?)  Apparently, I am made from the remains of an old Beaver Lamb Fur Coat which belonged to an elderly neighbour here in the Hospital of St. John.  Now the Hospital has been in existence since 1472 - which is old - but the lady who gave Isobel the fur (it was going on the dump, otherwise) is "in her eighties", so I am older than the rest of the Cuddlies.  (You can see them if you visit  Apparently, the top seams on my arms and legs are not "safe" or child-friendly, so instead of being ready to be adopted my future lies here with Isobel, her husband Peter - who does not enjoy good health, but does as much as he can.   I have been appointed as the Coldham Cuddlies mascot.  Not sure what that entails, but am looking forward to finding out - and telling you ALL about it.

Meanwhile  -  here is a picture of me - among the flowers in the Hospital's garden.  See you soon.  Have fun this week-end, wherever and whatever you are doing  Cy Bear

Friday, 25 March 2011

Introducing the Coldham Cuddlies Family

Greetings to Everyone! 

This is Isobel - Toymaker for the Coldham Cuddlies family of Teddy Bears, Foxes (as well as their cousin -  Coyotes) and Rabbits of all shapes and sizes.  In the picture, she is accompanied by two of the Teddy Bears (Light Brown Bear having recently left for Massachusetts, but who has been replaced and is available for adoption).

In the next blog, there will be a photo of Coldham Yogi (Cy to his friends) who has been officially appointed as the Official Mascot for the Coldham Cuddlies Etsy shop at

See you all soon - I hope.  Isobel