Sunday, 24 July 2016

Blue Monkeys join the Coldham Cuddlies

Hello there Everyone - this is Cy Bear back again, with a relatively short post this week.

Isobel ended last week's bulletin with the news that we'd heard back from MsMH, who was interested in buying one of our Monkey Toys, as long as they were blue ones.  She indicated that she liked the look of what Isobel had done with the Blue Plush fabric we'd found in response to her enquiry.

It didn't take her long to finish off the third Blue Monkey toy and stuff all three of them.  She then picked the one she thought MsMH would like, embroidered a face on the head section, attached the ears  and then wrapped up the finished Toy.  However, before that final stage of preparation for the journey was done, one of our usual Farewell Pictures was taken, which can be seen below:

You can see just how small these little Toy critters are, in comparison with me!!!  Makes me look huge!  (Very different from when I sat beside Colin, the Giant Koala before he left for his Forever Home before Christmas last year!)

After being wrapped (first in chemical free tissue paper, and then with bubble wrap),  Blue Monkey was placed in a polyester mail envelope and Isobel posted it first thing on Tuesday morning - from the main Kirkby-in-Ashfield Post Office.  

The previous evening, the task of finishing the other two Blue Monkeys began, with the task being completed by mid-week.  While sewing these smaller Cuddlies takes Isobel about an hour and a half apiece, the finishing off can take at least another evening session when it comes to stuffing each toy and sewing the facial features.  Because they are small, their "fiddliness" makes it more difficult for Isobel's fingers to do them quickly these days.   (Ears still cause Isobel problems, and these Monkey versions are no exception).  

The two Blue Monkeys are going to be officially launched after this post is completed, when they will be listed for the first time in our Shop (  Here's what they will look like when that happens:

The two of them are standing on cushions in one of the chairs in the living room of our flat here at Old Chapel Close.

Because the blue plush fabric with which they are made is very shiny and soft, we were not able to get them to stand upright on the newly-found spot in the dining room (on top of the central heating radiator).  That has a gap between the back of the radiator and where it is fitted to the wall, and these guys kept slipping into the grove!!  (Not aided by the fact that the surface of the radiator is a shiny metallic one).

Here's what the rear view(s) look like, while here are a couple of shots showing each Monkey Toy individually:

As ever, although they've both been made using the same pattern as each other, they do look different, with one of them - the top one - being somewhat stouter than the other!  That's the point of a HAND MADE TOY - when compared with those that are mass-produced.  They are NEVER the same!

Isobel is now working on a new Baby Mobile offering - which hopefully we'll be able to reveal next time we meet.  Meanwhile, I'll close this week's blog by wishing every one a really great week - hope the weather is what you're wanting - wherever in the world you are reading this!

Till next time - your Friend, Cy Bear!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Rabbit Head Shoe Ornaments - A New Product based on Old Friends

Hello there Everyone - Cy Bear beginning this edition:

Last week I believe Isobel did mention at the end of last week's bulletin, that she was experimenting like mad in making an ornamental rabbit clip-on for a lady's shoe.  She's been working on it all week, and finally got it done - and photographed fully - this afternoon.  So, I'll leave her to take over:

Thank you Cy Bear - and greetings to you all!

Here are the two rabbit heads awaiting their stuffing, having just had their eyes placed in situ - accompanied by the ears for each Head.  The pattern I used was that for all the Baby Rabbits (the Fleece variety can be viewed here  - .  By sewing  quarter-inch seams all around as opposed to the normal two-tenths I usually do, the heads are actually slightly smaller.  I cut off the pattern template at the under arm seams of the rabbit pattern - as well as leaving out the chest insert.  I felt there could be too much fabric to make a steady platform for the finished article.

We've moved on here to one of the Rabbits having had his head stuffed with our usual polyester fibre - meeting all international safety standards -  and then had the ears added, as well as the facial features (embroidered with black double knit yarn).

After a bit of research, I was advised that the hair clips originally purchased were not really what was needed.  They were too metallic and unforgiving for fitting on to a shoe - and I dread to think what the effect might have been had they come into direct contact with hosiery!  So, while wandering around our local department store, and chatting with an assistant in the craft area, I decided to go with these hair slides (barettes):  (Not unnaturally, they were to be found in a completely different section of the Shop - which is I why I'd not come across them before!!).

They were not expensive, and I decided to go with the ones on the far left.  They actually bend to open, and straighten out when fitted and are basically plastic on top with a very light metal clip on the bottom.  There doesn't seem to be that much of a problem if the clips do come into contact with bare skin  - or stockings for that matter.  If the customer does purchase these, I shall be enclosing the whole card with the Rabbit Head clip-ons - so the eventual user can ring the changes with whatever shoe colour she chooses.  (I do know it is intended for an adult  female - as opposed to a girl child!!).

Using one of my own slip-on shoes to demonstrate if they would attach satisfactorily, I took this snapshot to send to my potential Buyer - who still is "potential",  as opposed to being a definite customer! ( At the time this was taken, I was still working out how on earth I was going to fit the clip on under the head base!.)

Having slept on it, and fiddled about a bit, I eventually worked out the solution and we now have two heads, attached to a pair of my black court shoes (I don't have a brown pair at the moment) and have today sent the latest version to the client, with a request for a definite answer - Yay or Nay!!  Basically, I created a pocket (using seam binding) and sewed it on the underside of the neck area.  The plastic upper side of the Clip slides in and then the Head is attached to the shoe and the whole clip bent into the closed position. (It's not possible to permanently attach the head to the clip - doing so would prevent the clip performing it's clip-on activity.  NB: There are no guarantees as to how long the ornament will last!) 

(I'm beginning to think that this may end up as one of those wild goose chases that have occasionally happened to me in my Etsy journey since starting up in 2010 - but this time, unlike  Colin the Giant Koala - - at least the finished article is not as large or potentially costly to my "bottom line"!.  Good customer relations etiquette demands I follow through to the bitter end, however - and one never knows,  someone reading this post this afternoon might be interested - if the original Enquirer fails to materialise!)

Rabbit Head clip-ons - sans clips!

There seems to be a problem with my attempt to get in touch with MsMH as well.  She has actually ordered (and paid for) one of the Baby Monkeys - (last week, as you may recall, I was trying to find out if she really did want hers to be as depicted in our listing for the Monkey Nursery Mobiles - or in blue plush, as stipulated in the order itself)

Baby Mobile, Monkey Baby Toys, Animal Toy Mobile,  Monkey Mobile, Toy Animal Mobile, Childs Shower Gift, Cool Kids Mobile, Cool Cot Toy.

However, while I was browsing through the haberdashery department of our local store - looking for the clips -  I did find some rather pretty pale blue plush fabric (which had nearly run out!).

So I decided to purchase half a metre (leaving plenty of fabric for lots of baby monkeys, and other Pram or Cot Toy animals in future) and actually have cut out and sewn two models of a Pale Blue Plush Monkey version - which look like this at the moment.

(My apologies:  the quality of these last  photos are not up to normal, because I've just snapped them to illustrate this post).

 A third Blue Monkey needs to be given the same treatment, and then all will be stuffed and listed in time for next week's bulletin. The dispatch date for the order is actually 26th July, so I'm still well within the time-frame.  The Blue Monkey will be en route to Devon, UK by Tuesday of next week at the latest - having hopefully heard from MsMH!  It will be sent regardless, however, because that is what I have contracted to do!!

STOP PRESS:  This bulletin was actually drafted yesterday evening.  When I signed in this afternoon (Sunday), I received a message from MsMH, apologising for not "being on top of things"!  So, I've just sent her the snaps above, and asked her if she likes what she sees - saying her Baby Monkey  will be dispatched on Tuesday, 19th July.  Apparently, her friend's baby is due any day, and she is anxious to have something ready to present upon his arrival!!  So, after all this, it's now a question of who will arrive first- my Blue Baby Monkey (if the customer likes what she sees here) or her friend's Baby Son!!  Watch this space!!

Ah well -the ups and downs of Toy Making - and I  suspect much like the experience all us Crafters endure from time to time!!  However, lack of communication on the part of customers is definitely one of the frustrations with this pastime.  On this occasion, though, its especially so,  as both customers live somewhere in the UK and therefore might be contactable via telephone!

On the upside, though, if the Rabbits don't get accepted, by the end of next week, COLDHAM CUDDLIES will number 100 in total - the magic number towards which I have been working since 2012, when the Shop and this blog became a full time occupation for yours truly - after Peter died in the May of that year.  It will be great to have finally made it!!

So far, no joy on the Rabbit Head clip-on front though!!!

See you all next week, folks.  Your friend, Isobel - oh, and Cy Bear too!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Two new ColdhamCuddlies Projects to be added to our Toy Shop

Hello there Everyone!  Good to be with you once more.

With Cy Bear enjoying a well-earned rest  from blogging duties, I've taken over to describe two more new Coldham Cuddlies projects which I've been working on recently.  They are due to be listed later today.

The first are some small Dark Blue and White Fleece Baby Rabbits - destined to join the existing Coldham Cuddlies Rabbit Burrow of Rabbit Pram or Cot Toys, all of them made in differing colours, and with either fleece or plush fabrics.

They've both been made in exactly the same way as all our previous Baby Rabbit Toys were, so no further descriptions are needed I feel.  Two of each version were made, because one each was intended to be included in our next Nursery Mobile project, which was completed last evening, while watching the highlights of this years' Ladies Finals at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

As this latest Mobile was intended to feature our Light Blue and White Fleece Baby Bunnies too, I made some extra self-colour versions and before embarking on putting the Mobile together, took this picture of the combined bunch of Blue Fleece Baby Rabbits.  My landlords have recently installed brand new, "whizzy" central heating radiators.  They are most convenient when it comes to providing a surface with a background that is not cluttered with books and other furniture to be found in my living-room.  

I know I've said previously that I am incapable of producing an exact copy of anything I make - and I think this last picture illustrates that pretty well!  All of Rabbit Toys are cut out from exactly the same pattern:  they just never turn out looking the same!  Despite the way they all slope in different directions here, if manipulated carefully, they will all sit straight.  I just "snapped" them in a line - so that I could make my point - and demonstrate the collection from which our new Nursery Mobile is created with.

There are not many protruding points in my apartment - general health and safety precautions see to that!  So, finding somewhere to use in order to illustrate the be-ribboned polystyrene circle used as the frame for the mobile can be difficult.  However, one of the living-room wall light brackets does fit the bill, as you can see from the picture above.  You're looking at the reverse side of the Mobile hanging loop, which actually looks like this.

The selected four rabbits then had yellow 3mm yellow satin ribbons attached around the neck.  

These ribbons are sewn in place, but should it be decided to detach the toys down the road, when their young person has out-grown their nursery decor, the ribbons can be easily removed.  The Nursery Mobile Project is enabling me to use up "left-overs" (from knitting baby clothes in yesteryear - when I did still knit) but it can mean that sometimes one has to improvise in order to get the right length of ribbon for the final mobile offering!  I happened to have short lengths of the yellow and some matching blue ribbon (to the frame), so decided to use both so that the finished article looks like this.

This afternoon, before I began this blog post, and while the sun made a brief appearance through the almost permanent cloud cover we are enduring for our summer this year, I took the finished Mobile outside to get a photo in daylight. Although it was particularly blustery, these two shots of the finished article were achieved.

So, that's it for this week folks.  The experimental Rabbit heads on clips is still that - but hopefully it will have been successfully concluded by the time next week's publishing session arrives. 

Meanwhile, the Baby Monkeys Cy Bear told you about last week are due to be en route sometime next week - once a clarification of exactly what our customer is seeking has been received.  The order is very plainly for a Monkey:  however, the client responded to my question last week, by saying that she was happy for me to choose which one to send her - as long as it was a blue toy.  (It's intended Forever Friend is still en route, but she wanted to give it a Blue toy!!)  I'm seeking to find out whether indeed she wants a customised Blue Monkey (quite possible, but it would have to be in fleece because I have no blue plush fabric in stock - although I'd be happy to look around to purchase some if that is indeed what is required.) There's time enough for both scenarios to be satisfied - as the suggested dispatch date for the order is not until 26th July).  I'll keep you posted!

Rabbit Mobile hanging from one of the hand rails in the garden of my home, in a less blustery spot!
Meanwhile, do hope everyone has a great week:  if you're on holiday, do trust the weather is co-operating.  Until next week -  when either of us (or indeed both of us) may be contributing to the next bulletin!


Sunday, 3 July 2016

New projects in the pipeline.

Hello Everyone!

Cy Bear back again, with apologies for absence last week-end.  However, you were warned that this might happen, so I'm not feeling as bad about it as I once would have done!

The family celebrations for Isobel's Grandson's 2nd Birthday and Baptism were fantastic - by report. Naturally, being a Beaver Lamb Bear, with duties to perform on the Coldham Cuddlies front, I do not get included in these events!  However, it did mean that not much sewing got done the previous week, so there was not much to write about either.

This week has not been that much better - but towards the end of it, Isobel did manage to begin new projects - largely as a result of two enquiries received during the week via our Shop  (  One is for an actual order for one of our recently produced Baby Monkeys:

One of the three pictured above will be travelling shortly to Buckfastleigh, Devon, UK shortly.  We're not sure which one - yet.  Isobel, when acknowledging the order, enquired whether our Customer would like to choose, or leave the selection to Isobel.  (We're doing this blog before checking if there has been a response, but in order to ensure no delays for sending the order from us this week, we decided to take a photograph - just in case the answer was in the affirmative).

The other enquiry is still just that - but as many Custom Orders begin in this way (but don't always finish with a firm order), we thought we'd tell you how we do these things - just in case anyone out there reading this post might be interested enough to follow through and maybe offer a Cuddly a new home as a result!!

MrAF (the Enquirer) wrote asking if we might be able to make a Rabbit Head small enough to go on a clip which could then be fixed to a shoe.   He phrased the question like this:

Are you able to make the head part as shoe clips at all even if made smaller so they are secure. I want the head to look like Peter Rabbit from the Beatrix Potter books let me know if possible. 

The example he used was this one:

Grey Rabbit Head Slipper,"Silver Fox" Unisex Plush Footwear,Made to Measure, Special Unisex Present,Unisex Footwear,Unusual Unisex slippers.

Now, as you know, Isobel is not much good without a specific pattern to work with, but it's obvious to anyone that the Rabbit Head on these Slippers would not be much good.  Also, using too small a pattern for a plush version like these Grey Rabbit Slippers might not be as successful as if they were made with fleece fabric, so she sent MrAF a link to these guys:

At the same time, she offered to experiment to see if it would be possible. (Her thinking is that by cutting the existing pattern a little smaller all round, together with the resulting seams, the head might not be too big for the final clip connection - especially where the ears are concerned.).   Current thinking involves cutting the pattern under the arms in an effort to create something resembling the photo sent back by MrAF , when he agreed that our Blue and White Baby Bunnies look promising, and providing a picture showing the colour he'd like.  

The pic sent to us by our Enquirer

Isobel responded by saying the her arthritic fingers might  not cope with trying to make such small clothing, but she'd like to experiment - not only to see if it would be possible, but also to be able to give MrAF an idea of the final cost involved.  The experiment has been sanctioned and we'e been given an idea of when the product is required (20th August, 2016).   

So, while Isobel continues with her next mobile project - using a mixture of  Blue Fleece Baby Rabbits this time around.  This means using the Baby Rabbits pictured above (and making some Dark Blue and White Baby Rabbits - shown here waiting to be stuffed)

Two versions of our proposed Dark Blue and White Baby Fleece Rabbits 
she's been cogitating the way forward for our Rabbit Head barettes (or hair slides as we know them in the UK).  Two of the hair clips shown on the card in this picture is one possible solution.  At least it's going to be attempted once the Rabbit Nursery Mobile is completed.  Isobel has cut out enough Dark Blue and White Rabbits so that they can not only be used for the new Mobile, but there will sufficient to list them as another member of the Coldham Cuddlies family (and get us nearer to the 100 Cuddlies target) at the same time.  (We're currently at 96!!). 

I'll end this now folks, so that Isobel can get down to brass tacks as soon as possible.  At least it's keeping her busy and out of mischief!!  See you next week - if Isobel can spare the time.  I'll try to make sure she does.

Your Friend, Cy Bear.

PS: Before I go - while editing this week's post Isobel has unwittingly found the solution to a problem that has eluded her to date - getting photographs that she has transferred from another site to remain in the centre of our post!  Hopefully, it will result in our future publications looking a whole lot tidier!!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Coldham Cuddlies Piglets in Production - latest bulletin

Well folks, yet another week has flown by, and here's your Friend, Cy Bear, to share the latest news from the Coldham Cuddlies World.

Isobel is getting on well with the introduction of the new sets of  Piglet Twins, but before going any further, I thought you'd like to know that AJ , the Orange Dragon arrived safely at his Forever Home and his new look would seem to be satisfactory as far as MsLA is concerned.  We received this message to confirm his safe arrival.

"Artist agreed to make alterations to existing plush. It arrived today. It looks so much better and sturdier.  Artist has excellent comms and does excellent work.  Highly recommended".

This equated to a Five Star Review via the Etsy System, for which Isobel is duly grateful - and it's been added to the other 54 similar reviews we've been given for Cuddlies who have found their Forever Homes or Toy Animals (mostly Bears) that have been treated in the Stuffed Toy Animal Restoration Clinic since we started operating in 2010. 


Once AJ had left us on Monday morning last week, Isobel got down to the business of sewing and dressing the new Piglet Twins.  Four are now almost complete and will join those that were pictured at the end of last week's post.

You'll notice that the White Boy Piglet still needs his shoes attaching - and gives some indication of the height difference between the Piglets that have been "shod", and the one still going "bare trottered" ( if there is such a word!).  One shoe is ready to be sewn on and other is still in the process of construction.

As for the original Pink and White Piglet Twins, a cursory search for them among the Toy Store has so far resulted in Isobel not being able to locate them!  So, there is going to be a more detailed search undertaken early next week, so that the White and Pink Piglets can be separately listed - along the lines I outlined last week in my post here.  If not, some more White Piglets will need to be made, so that we can have three different colour schemes offered for each Piglet variety!  Then Isobel will return to the production of Nursery Mobiles - so she's got a busy schedule ahead of her. 

However, this week is likely to find Isobel engaged on family matters for some of the time she would be sewing - because her GrandsonE celebrates both his 2nd birthday on Friday, followed on Saturday by his Baptism at St. Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham.  That important ceremony in a Little Person's life is going to be followed by a terrific party at Clare and Alan's home to which up to 120+ were invited. To date, over 100 have said they will be present -,but not all will be at both the Saturday events,   

These activities may therefore also impinge on whether or not a post will happen next week!  YOU ARE WARNED.

In the meantime, mid-week,  Isobel received an enquiry about whether or not she would be prepared to have another - more challenging - attempt at treating an existing toy for someone different;  a Customer who turned out to have a connection  to AJ the Dragon.  The Customer wanted this 8 ft Squid

turned into a Horse-like structure looking something like this, with mane and tail and horn too, if possible!!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Mare Pony Pattern and Tutorial - Make your own Pony Plush!

The fabric from the Squid would be used - and keeping his eyes, mouth and the letter R.   

The horse pattern is one that is available for download from an shop, and is offered with permission for anyone to use it, provided attribution is given to the source Etsy Shop. Naturally that attribution would have been given had the need occurred.   (There were actually three patterns suggested by our Customer, who was prepared to buy the one Isobel felt she could do the best job with.  The other two had patterns for manes, tails and horns - you all know how useless Isobel is without a pattern!).  In the event, although Isobel was up for the challenge, the Customer changed her mind because she discovered  the Squid to be stuffed with Lavender for some reason or another. (That's a FIRST for us in the time we'd been Toy Animal Restorers!),  

Isobel had suggested that an 8ft fully stuffed Squid could cause immense logistical problems for either Royal Mail, or any another Courier, to handle with ease.  As a solution, she asked if the Customer would de-stuff the Squid - as that way it would not take up as much space.  Also the amount of stuffing (Kapok or otherwise) might pose a problem, or two, of its own for us here - since our rubbish collection arrangements could become somewhat overloaded!!  When the raw Lavender was discovered. our Customer decided the effort wasn't worth it, and Isobel - though disappointed at not being able to have a go - also agreed to abandon the idea.

 (Bless her, the Customer offered to pay Isobel for "wasting her time":  needless to say, the offer was declined.  Not much time was involved, and really it's a part and parcel of the toy-making/replacement/restoration business.  You win some..... and you lose some!)

Meanwhile, we both wonder what might turn up on the Coldham Cuddlies front next week - apart that is from finishing off our Dressed Piglets, followed by the business of listing them in our Shop ( and getting on with the Nursery Mobiles

Looking forward to the next time we meet - until then, have a good week (or two, as the case may be!).

Your friend.  Cy Bear.


Sunday, 12 June 2016

Toy Dragon Therapy - Coldham Style

Hello there Everyone:  Cy Bear back again and delighted to be so.

This post is being prepared somewhat later than usual because Isobel was out at the Parish Barbecue held every year to celebrate the Feast of St. Barnabas, the patron of the Nottingham Catholic Cathedral, which is the family church.  The Barbecue is held on the nearest Sunday to that Feast Day, and this year it was slightly marred by heavy rain, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits.

Then Isobel had to arrange the departure of my temporary friend, AJ, the Orange Dragon.  His treatment has been successfully completed - but did take her longer than she expected, because she found him quite difficult to wrestle when doing his arms.  However, the "battle" was successfully achieved yesterday evening, and he was wrapped in the plastic bag he came in and placed in the cardboard carton in which he travelled to meet us.

This is what AJ looked like upon arrival.  His arms were very floppy and Isobel had been asked to try to make them look more like his legs if possible.  More stuffing seemed to be at the root of AJ's unhappy condition, so as we needed a re-supply, more was ordered from our suppliers of this material - F. Aldous Ltd, who are based in Manchester and are the source of  everything seemingly needed by crafters, no matter their particular project. To date,  we've only purchased polyester fibre for our toys stuffing, and some rug wool last year when Isobel was asked to complete a latch hook rug on behalf of her fellow residents.  We'd actually not heard of F. Aldous before, but thanks to the internet, Isobel discovered that they've been in business since 1886.  The required polyester fibre duly arrived on Monday, June 6 - as I told you in my chat with you last week, and Isobel got down to dealing with AJ.  (That was, after she'd completed existing piglet oriented work - of which more anon!)

First of all, we removed the black sock-like things on his feet, which showed Isobel how she could get the legs firmed up. (She had checked with MsLA, our customer, that she didn't really mind them going).  By making a small hole in the existing seam at the end of each leg, she

removed some of the existing stuffing (up to the elbow of each leg).  The existing stuffing was found to be kapok filling, and since it looked to be in good condition, Isobel left well alone and added some of our own polyester fibre so that the legs could be firmer and enable AJ to sit more upright. 

Under other circumstances, existing kapok used in older toys than AJ looks is taken out all together:  but AJ doesn't look to be that old -  that is compared with some of the nearly 100 year old Bears who have been treated in our Stuffed Toy Animal Restoration Clinic 


From the angle of this picture, Isobel noticed that the arms did seem to have similar elbow shapes to those in the legs, so she decided to emphasise these when redoing the arms.  You can also see that AJ's head is a little "wonky" and it became obvious as she was undoing each arm that the shoulders too needed some strengthening as well.  So, not only did the arms come off, 

but Isobel wielded her Quic-Unpic tool and made holes in the shoulders on each side of the body and stuffed more polyester fibre in among the existing kapok, making the shoulders and neck a lot firmer.  AJ's head did not require any more attention than that - he just needed a firmer platform on which it could sit more upright.

Then came the job of attacking each arm. Once the kapok had been removed from the top of each arm, the existence of the elbow became very much obvious, so extra polyester stuffing was inserted in and around the elbow area and each arm was then attached to the body, once the upper arms had been firmed up with extra polyester as well.  Isobel sewed the back of each arm on - first matching the arms' seams to those at the shoulder and under arm area of the body.

The first arm, when finished looked like this -

You can see that the result presently is that the arm looks as though it's sticking in the air going nowhere in particular.   However, as time goes on, it is usual for polyester fibre to "settle", so Isobel feels that the arms will lower themselves, and end up resting on the tops of each of AJ's thighs.  (This process could be helped by the angle at which AJ is lying inside the cardboard carton too!)

Here is AJ with both arms and neck complete. (I think he looks as though he's welcoming everyone to come and be hugged now!)    Isobel had wondered whether his tail and mane might needed extra attention, but now that he can sit more proud, decided to leave well alone, so he can "shake" them if and when it is appropriate. (It was also easier to fit him into his carton that way as well!) 

Here am I performing my traditional role as Coldham Cuddlies Mascot of saying "Goodbye" to all the Patients who pass through our Stuffed Toy Animal Restoration Clinic.   You can see just how small I look beside him!!  He's even bigger than Colin the Giant Koala!

By the way, the cream tip of AJ's mane, with its red ribbon appears behind my left ear - and that's part of his tail, together with it's red ribbon behind us both on the left of the picture!!

 I'm expecting that Isobel will be back on the Nursery Mobile production line this week, so watch this space.  In the interim, she's dressed two of the extra Pink Piglets she made when constructing the Piglet Mobile earlier this month. (Please see the earlier comment!)  They're going to form part of a new Piglet offer - by joining the Pink Piglets dressed in Green garments already in our Shop under a new Listing - leaving the existing White Fleece Piglets dressed in black and white gear under the existing one.  Since she's in the Piglet mode, they may get joined by some more White Fleece Piglets, dressed in another colour than the black and white our existing Twins are shown in the Shop.  The new Piglets have been dressed in Blue garments - and we'll show them in a future post here.

Toy Piglets, Pink or White Fleece Dressed Crib Toys, Safe Toy for Tots, Pram or Cot Toy, Unusual Basket Filler, Cool Tots Toy. Toddlers Toy.

Until the next time then:  meanwhile have a great week everyone!  

Your Friend, Cy Bear.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Some More Piglets have arrived in the Coldham Cuddlies Shop

Good afternoon Everyone! 

Cy Bear once again wishing everyone a really good afternoon.

As ever, we've been busy this week, so I'll get weaving here straight away.  Isobel has cut out, sewn and now finished our third Nursery Mobile.  It's just been listed in our Toy Shop ( and here are some shots used to illustrate it on the site.
These were taken last night under electric light, so Isobel decided to take some others this afternoon, after her lunch, just to provide another "look".  Again, as some of last week's photos of our Polar Bear Mobile show, they were taken outside and therefore not necessarily in a "normal" situation for what is essentially an indoor object - but, we're talking toys, and imagination here, so why not?

Back ground being buildings and garden surrounding our home
Having now got three Nursery Mobile offerings in the Shop, Isobel is breaking off the production line for a day or two, so she can concentrate on AJ the Orange Dragon - presently languishing in her bedroom as a Patient in our Soft Animal Toy Restoration Clinic.  She's ordered a re-supply of polyester fibre - due to be delivered sometime on Monday (6th June) and she's planning on finding out what it will cost for AJ to travel to the Isle of Wight - where his Forever Home is located.

She's going to get prices from the courier delivering the polyester fibre tomorrow, as well as an estimate from the courier we used to send Colin the Giant Koala.         (I  last wrote about him in this post - - ).

A side view of AJ when he arrived.
She received an email notification that their carriage rates had recently been increased, so she's just making sure.

An additional reason for doing this is because AJ the Dragon has similar dimensions to Colin (the Koala), so it makes sense to get a price comparison for AJ's onward journey.  There's going to be a refund due to MsLA,  our Customer - and as you may recall, we like to over-estimate our Patient therapies' costs, so this can happen where feasible.  Isobel wants to make sure she gets a good price for AJ's travel arrangements.  She may well also check the price of Royal Mail's Parcel Force too - which is the way he arrived here a couple of week's ago.  That way, a proper price comparison can happen!

The parcel from Romo Fabrics that I mentioned in last week's post also arrived - as promised - early last week, and turned out to be off-cuts of the Laughing Owl fabric we were planning on buying from the factory.
Mommy Hedgehog

Baby Hedgehog
There's enough for a couple of Baby and Mommy Hedgehogs, so we can postpone ordering more from Romo Fabrics for a month or two - even though, we need to replace Daddy and a Baby or two soon.

That's it for this week, everyone.  We've got what feels like summer today - and already, I gather folks are saying it's HOT.  They've all be complaining that it was too cold!  Humans never seem to be satisfied!

See you all soon - and here's wishing you all a wonderful week - wherever you are reading this!

Your friend, Cy Bear.